Free DVD/Manga Giveaway!


Lets start up something fun for the new year, I'm sure we have odd volumes just sitting on our shelves that you abandon after a couple of volumes, so to start the new year off with a bang how about we start a giveaway game!

The rules are simple, if you receive a DVD/manga vol you then have to advertise one of your own that you don't mind parting with (and it's also a good way to recycle!).

I'll go first, i'm offering Haibane Renmei #1 to the first person who replys and has one of their dvds to offer.

*edit* Added manga aswell as anime to the giveaway


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I'll go for that. ^_^

I'll offer Dragonball Z volume 1. It is the original dub that many may remember from TV, which is no longer available to buy! :O I too offer this to the next person to post offering a DVD.

afioa, drop me a PM if this offer is acceptable & to exchange necessary details. :)


Mushi-shi i do like DBZ.....hmmm maybe :p

(gotta say, this is a good idea :thumb:)

Righto. I've got Requim into the darkness and the darkness boxset (yeah, moment of weakness....bought em then realised they where cheap for a reason.....) *coughs* only going to people who are 18+ and yeah i'd like to see some ID people. if the address's match up and the names then its yours.

(if i know your age already then dw)


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I'd go for the Darkness boxset because I am willing to inflict that on myself. If that 'maybe' you said was a yes for the DBZ DVD, then I'll raise you a volume 2 to go with it to make it a fairer swap.

I'll also put up Full Metal Panic volume 1 to keep it flowing. :D Drop me a PM & we can swap details. :)


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What a fantastic idea! Now that some Manga have appeared (I'm going more towards Manga than anime these days!)
I'll put up Saiyuki Reload Volume 1 (DVD)


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Yea this is pretty cool, I have some manga I can part with but I'll wait until someone has something of any use to me.


i'll add: Anime

love hina volumes 3 and 6
battle vixens volume 2


pretty face volume 1
chibi vampire volume 1
the drifting classroom volume 1

updated to follow trades below (what you see here is what i still have for offer)


I'm interested in AMG 2 and 3.
I have:
Kino's Journey 1 (R1)
Full Metal Panic 1 (R2)
DN Angel 1 (R2)
Black Cat 1
Tactics 1
Vampire Knight 1


stuart-says-yes said:
i'll add: Anime
ah my goddes volumes 2 and 3
love hina volumes 3 and 6
battle vixens volume 2

yubisaki milk tea volume 1
pretty face volume 1
chibi vampire volume 1
the drifting classroom volume 1
lucky star volumes 1-2-3
I'll take yubisaki milk tea #1

and i'll offer...

Bamboo Blade #1 Manga
Hikaru no Go #1 Manga - Taken
Samurai Champloo #1 Manga


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ok, just checked what I've got and I have
Witch hunter robin 4
Tsubasa Reservoir chronicles 1
Fate Stay night 1 - gone


chaos said:
I've received Lucky star - Thanks! Afoia, can I have Bamboo blade?
Ah good to hear

new animes and manga's


Azumanga daioh vol 2
azumanga daioh vol 3
azumanga daioh vol 4
azumanga daioh vol 5
azumanga daioh vol 6


the drifting classroom vol 1
Chibi vampire vol 1