Post your first anime and who gave/showed/introduced it to you!


Mine was Spirited Away, borrowed from one of my good friends - bought the DVD a week later.


First anime would be TRIGUN

When I was at uni I got chatting to 2 guys Nat and Paul, became good friends with them and one night they went home from class to check out a new anime and I tagged along and was hooked from then on. After that we always watched anime together, after Trigun it was Cowboy Bebop and then Rurouni Kenshin and now we all live far apart we still send anime to each other if its a good movie or series


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Voltron is my first and earliest anime memory (I bought some DVD's for nostalgia value late last year - boy its aged terribly).

I was about four or five when I first watched it and I LOVED the Ro-Beasts! Everytime the villian/s ordered "Launch the Ro-Beast." I got all excited!

Watching it now I love (in a comical away) the racial stereotypes. The odd good aliens have a Middle Eastern accent. Made me chuckle. And some the english translation dialogue is priceless!

Another early one for me is / was MzZinger Z. :)


The legendary Dragonball Z Cartoon Network introduced me to that, but I didnt have a clue it was anime, then about 5 years later I found Fullmetal Alchemist and its gone from there.

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My first would have been Sailor moon or Card captor Sakura when i was little. I watched it avidly on Fox Kids and CITV =x

Later on though it was most likely Beyblade ;)


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For me it was Moldiver, on Sci-Fi channel that started me off... way back in 95/96 I think...

Right after that came Dominion Tank Police on Sci-Fi as well, which I then found in my local Virgin Megastore and proceeded to buy with the small reserves of money I had stashed away...

Progressed rapidly from there to Evangelion and onwards to a variety of anime and manga...

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mine would have been 'the' classic. Captain Tsubasa i saw that waaaaay back in like 93 or something when i used to live in Abu Dhabi. man that show is still like gold to me even till today. hehe

then once i moved to London, a few years later i saw the occasional random anime that used to air on tv like Sailor Moon and such. then stuff like outlaw star and Bebop...then a few years later im watching and reading different kinds of manga/anime.


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Shouldn't this be in general anime?!

Mine would have been Akira and Dominion Tank Police when they were shown on Channel 4 some 14 years or so ago ^__^


Dammit... I have to say it...
My 1st show recommended to me was Pokemon on Sky One... By Ryo. XD
We were young!! We were naive!
My 1st DVD was Burn Up Excess... at that time, it was the last of the Burn Up series.... Well, I missed out on a whole series, lmao.
I just found this on the shelve of HMV... So hardly recommended. :S


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I told my friend that I wanted to get into anime, and he let me borrow Princess Mononoke, Cowboy Bebop the movie, then Spirited Away. I liked them so much that I got my own copies of them and started buying the CB series.

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Easy this... Akira (sub) in '92, though technically it's Space Firebird, though as I was only 5 at the time I didn't know it was Anime (25 years ago :S)

Ahh, fond memories... I owned a Sega Mega Drive, and a new publication called Mega was offering Akira (dub) or Odin as a subscription gift. After about six months I surcome to temptation, went to my local HMV and bought the sub version of Akira... About a year ago, I came full circle and bought the DVD version with the new 16:9 transfer and new dub by Pioneer :) still prefer the sub version though.


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my first was the guyver series, a long time ago a friend
reccomended it to me, because the violence and gore.
(which means great entertainment when your young and stupid :D),

and the rest is history,


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The stuff aired on UK TV late '90s early '00.

So basicly: Tenchi Muyo, Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Samurai Pizza Cats, amongst other things.
for me it was pokemon cardcaptors and DBZ, I always found a lot of similarities between all three because the characters tended to have big eyes, but I made a friend in my first yr of secondary who told me it was japanese animation called Anime, and it all took off from there, though I came to realise I'd been watching anime throught my younger days lol


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well it would have to be The Guyver for me, when i was around at my cousins he decided to put this on, once i knew what the hell was going on i was hooked and i stole all his guyver videos from him ^^