Film4 Ghibli Movies - Easter & Royal Wedding Bank Holida


Pokémon Master
My Neighbour Totoro - April 23rd, 11am
Princess Mononoke - April 25th, 6.20pm
The Cat Returns - May 8th, 3:10pm

Team America - Tonight, 9pm
Napoleon Dynamite - April 24th, 4:50pm
The Simpsons Movie - May 2nd, 5:25pm
The Cat Returns! Awesome Ghibli film, comes with great music too

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Also, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie is on at 2am on Monday for some odd reason.
And it also turned out to be the only one of these movies to actually be shown in HD. Which I think is the first time we've seen anime in HD on Freeview. (Beyblade Metal Fusion is an upscale, and so were the ads for the Pokémon movies ITV've been showing.)

Talking about movies, CITV should be showing the twelfth Pokémon movie (Arceus and the Jewel of Life) tomorrow at 9:25 if the pattern of the last two weeks holds up.