Favourite Albums Released in 2008


So, we're approaching the Year's end, and we've a lot of significant releases this year, but what are your favourite releases of the past 12 months?

Quicklist from me:
Death Magnetic - Metallica
5 years since the appalling mess that was St. Anger, Metallica have come back better than ever. Death Magnetic manages to mix the very best of old school heavy Metallica with some of the lighter aspects of the bands 90's releases.

In This Life - Jet Black Stare
The first album for Jet Black Stare, and its a fantastic releases. With a fast paced opener "Ready to Roll" and the slower ballads such as "Every Moment" and "The River", this is the perfect debut rock album.

Appeal to Reason - Rise Against
Taking the best parts of previous albums, Rise Against have managed to put together there best release yet. While some of their songs have a political message to get across, this is one of the best bands i've heard it, and "Hero of War" manages to do that, while also emulating the acoustic style of previous fave "Swing Life Away".

Only Through The Pain - Trapt
Another good hard rock release that makes me just to bounce along the whole way through, while singing along. The fantastic "Who's Going Home With You Tonight" was also released as downloadable content for Rock Band earlier this year.


Metallica - Death Magnetic

It was just brilliant. Its up there in my top Metallica albums. Some badass solos, and great vocals throughout.

Children Of Bodom - Blooddrunk

This was just ******* awesome.


State Alchemist
The Cure - 4:13 Dream
Their last album had some very good songs but didn't really gel as an album for me, it felt a bit experimental. 4:13 on the other hand is a triumph. When I find myself listening all the way through every time I put an album in I know it's good.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
Nick Cave: You just love him or you hate him. What you don't do is attempt to justify it.

I'd probably like The Killers - Day & Age too, but I've not listened to it yet.


Stand User
There was quite a few awesome ones this year.

DragonForce - Ultra Beatdown
Crap title. Awesome Album.

London Elektricity - Syncopated City
Pure jazz/drum and bass awesomeness.

Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist
90's video game inspired breakcore madness.

Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge
I bloody love this album. "AT SUNRISE WE WILL DANCE THE HEMPEN JIG!..." [take it Spyro!]

Evol Intent - Era Of Diversion
Badness made music.

Also a mention [though technically not an album] to Martsman - Trueschool Drumkit Wonder / Sir Gordon Jumpmeister 12" German glitch-step doesnt get any better :lol:


Karamatsu Boy
I don't only listen to Asian music at all, but somehow this year most of my favourite Western performers seem to be hibernating. Hopefully they'll get back in my list next time with some new material. In the meantime, here are the albums I've been listening to the most over the last twelve months.

Hamasaki Ayumi - GUILTY
Every time I start to think I'm getting bored with Ayu, she releases something interesting. Marionette, (Don't) Leave Me Alone and Mirror (along with its spin off single version) all reminded me why I love this woman. Great lyrics and great PVs.

Utada Hikaru - Heart Station
Not Hikki's best album but still responsible for flawless songs like Beautiful World and Take 5. Hikki's usual blend of experimental work and high quality pop songs. I smile whenever any song from this comes up on my iPod.

Jay Chou - Capricorn
From the first song I knew I was going to love Jay's latest and I was right. Standout songs are 稻香 and 龍戰騎士. People complain Jay always sounds the same but I don't want him to change too much if he can consistently come out with such interesting compositions. Much better than On The Run; Capricorn is one of my top three Jay albums already. Tongue in cheek bonus points for the ridiculous first pressing edition which came with a metal tin, playing cards and a Jay Rubik's Cube. I've never received a Rubik's Cube free with a CD before.



Vampire Ninja
Going to see rise against soon :)

Well, black ice was definitely the best album this year; The riffs are great throughout the whole album. Uroboros by Dir En Grey was awesome, too. Same with If by Mindless self indulgence.


Death Scythe
Metallica: Death Magnetic
Oh hell yes. They sound like they used to...and even have Hammett's solos again!

Dir en Grey: Uroboros
It's a weird record for sure but damn, it has to be their most experimental so far.

Mogwai: the Hawk is Howling
More assured than their old stuff and pure quality from start to finish.

Sennen: Where the Light Gets In
This deserves a mention because 1. I love it and 2. they're a little-known band from Norwich who deserve the extra attention.


there was only really one album that i got for this year and that was

TheyMightBeGiants: The Else-this was a vinyl edition that i got, very simerlar to the spine album where now im finding that more of their music is rock/indie rather then their experimental stuff from the 80's early 90's. the couple of the of the best tracks they have are I'm impressed and the Mesopotamians . now i know this came out around may,june 2007 for digital release but the LP version didn't come out until later that year.
Other then that this was something i got with for my Bday amoungst with
The Residents:the commercial album-not for the faint hearted :lol:

if there was anything else then i would get TMBG:here come the 123s or even Sparks:Exotic Creatures of the Deep/Hello Young Lovers
oh and even Telex:How Do You Dance? :D

other then that there should've been a Yello album this year but nothing materialised, since they bring out one every other year. but i think i may have heard they would bring it out around 2009 or so....hopefully :(
Uroboros - Dir en grey

As said, their most experimental, but then Dir en grey have never been afraid to spread their wings. "Ware Yami Tote..." and "Venushka" are AMAZING and I'd say it's on par with Withering To Death. Definatly the 2008 album for me, and I can't wait to see them live!

Shogun - Trivium

It's nice to see they've recovered from the failure of their last album, The Crusade. I like just about every song on this and the riff for "Into The Mouth Of Hell We March" still gives me goosebumps. I'd say it's a step up from the Ascendancy (some people will disagree with me here...) and it's their best album to date.

Death Magnetic - Metallica

Looks like Metallica have redeemed themselves from their infamous St.Anger album! Not the best when compared to some of their other work (Master of Puppets), ( ... And Justice For All) but it's still a return and a good one at that. Welcome back, Metallica.

All Hope Is Gone - SlipKnot

Someone had to put it! Though yes, last but not least goes to Corey and his merry little band that is SlipKnot. It's criticised for being a little too Stone Sour-ish but that really doesn't make it any less enjoyable to listen to. Almost every song on this album is like sex to my ears. The softer singing is great and it's very experimental, not unlike Uroboros. Kudos to the band for this!

If - Mindless Self Indulgence

I've yet to hear ALL of the songs on this album, so I won't say anything about it just yet. But so far so good!


Vampire Ninja
Hmm, just thought I'd add "Hail Destroyer" by Cancer Bats to my list. This album is awesome. The energy, the speeds, the.. everything! It's great. One of my favorite albums, ever.

I'd love to go see them but the nearest place to me is 18+ only ;_;


Thousand Master
Yagami said:
Hmm, just thought I'd add "Hail Destroyer" by Cancer Bats to my list. This album is awesome. The energy, the speeds, the.. everything! It's great. One of my favorite albums, ever.

I'd love to go see them but the nearest place to me is 18+ only ;_;
******* sick track, going to see them with in flames, gonna be a **** hot night!

Don't have any best albums of this year, tbh....


I honestly can't remember what's been released this year. I know Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock by Joe Satriani and Safe Trip Home by Dido came out this year and they are both fantastic albums. Death Magnetic by Metallica was decent but it's a bit of a let down. Extended tracks for the sake of being long, didn't impress me too much and didn't hold up much to repeat listening.


Great Teacher
Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul
brilliant album, Falling Down is one of the best songs theyve ever done, Bag It Up is class and Im Outta Time is really powerful, its not quite as good as Dont Believe The Truth, but its definetley the 4th best album Oasis have made.

R.E.M - Accelerate
Super album from R.E.M, alot better than the dissapointing Around The Sun, i have the bonus version as well so ive got extra tracks on it, Supernatural Serious is my fave song off the album.