Disgaea anime licensed?


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AnimeOnDVD has pointed out an online article which indicates that the anime Makai Senki Disgaea (which launches in Japan in April) is pre-licensed by Geneon. Geneon have made no official confirmation of the license as of yet.

Makai Senki Disgaea is based on the popular Playstation 2 RPG Disgaea and the Japanese version of the anime will feature the same voice actors as in the game reprising their roles.
The trailer for this was fairly entertaining, nice to see Laharl,Etna and Flonne as well as character such as "mid boss" come to life as animated characters. However I've got a sneaking suspicion I will find the anime itself to kiddy to be really engaging.
Having not played the game, i wouldnt know much about this but i just watched the trailer and it looks similar to Final Fantasy, from what i can see from the trailer it could be too kiddy as you say.
Given that RPG-base anime series aren't usually up to much, I started out as sceptical about this, but actually the trailer was pretty good- I doubt it will be a 'top' series but as long as it doesn't do try to take itself too seriously it should be quite entertaining.
I've got high hopes for this,because the game producers are heavily involved in the show.
If the anime is anything like the game,it should be pretty funny,due to the game parodies RPG's and games in general.
i heard about the release of this a couple months back...and i am looking to see what it will be like, so i will probably watch it when it comes out. if the game producers, Nippon ichi and/or koei if i remember rightly, are working on it as well then it could be quite good