Character add ups


Ok how this game gose is

You take characters from different shows that would make another character e.g.

You start by put there names or pics of characters like this

Vash + alucard + wolfwood = and you have to guess who it could be and you get the nubmer of chances is determand by how many names you put down which I this case would be 3 chances. Also if you lose you tell who it is and why these characters make up the = character but if you know you must tell why you choose that character each time you guess wrong you get a clue

So like I said

Vash + alucard + wolfwood = which character


Za Warudo
I'm just going to go with Vincent Valentine, because vampire, red coat, and ... dunno why Wolfwood's there, maybe something super soldiery/anti-hero-y.


clue1 he has vashes personality

come on guys give this game ago

ok il tell ya

vashs personality
alucard hes a vampire
wolfwood hes a priest

its abel from trinity blood

get it it adds up