Buying any Anime for Friends or Family for Christmas?

st_owly (witch)

Might buy my best friend a manga volume, but no one else I care enough about to buy presents for is into anime or manga, and I certainly don't trust my family to buy me stuff.


IncendiaryLemon said:
Heh, I wish, then I might be able to enjoy Christmas shopping a little more. Unfortunately I don't know anyone in real life who is really into anime.

Me neither really. All I can do is try to indoctrinate my siblings kids when they get to the right age. She's getting Sailor Moon for her birthday next year.

Also since I've got the Blu ray, I'm sending my Baccano DVD to a friend, whether he wants it or not.


Karamatsu Boy
I've purchased a certain mainstream movie for someone close to me, but don't want to say more in case this thread is found. When it was newly released I bought copies of Wolf Children for my mother and mother-in-law since the film really resonated with me and I thought they'd appreciate it too.



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I haven't bought any anime for friends/family this year as I don't really know what I'd get. Between my partner having quite picky tastes and my best friend being in Canada it's a bit difficult to buy anime for them, on the flip side though I know both have bought a few light novels/manga for me so it's all good. :D