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Straw Hat Pirate
Note to self: remember to get this updated before I end up having to add multiple videos.

First up is the second part of the Christmas treats series focusing on the digital items I'd purchased.

Second is the series I did a pilot episode a week ago, but I'm now splitting it into two branches with this being the start of the NA branch.

And last but by no means least, here's the video where I thought that I would be getting a new good streaming device and ended up with a pile of garbage instead.


Straw Hat Pirate
And now we're on the EU side of my world of warships journey to tier 10 with me taking out a stock fuso class battleship (and taking out something else as I wait for it to come out of battle if I'm taken out early).


Straw Hat Pirate

And another update, starting with my overview of the January 2018 Humble monthly bundle...

Second is my return to the WoWS NA server with my first matches in the random battle queue which turned out to be a mostly bot battle queue since the matchmaker was filling out both teams with either a few or mostly bot players (and I've also made a purchase that I thought I would never do, and I'll probably be doing a specific video on that since the ship in question does have some anime links to it).

I've also started my first full capture of an xcom 2 campaign of which the first part is currently uploading as I type (but won't be posted until tomorrow).


Straw Hat Pirate

Before I completely forget, here's my more recent video where I go around the tier 6 operations in my recent premium ship purchase, although I only featured the last 2 matches since I just stank up the room in the first 2 matches I played in it.

These two aren't mine, but I do feature in them later along the way (you need to go around 2 hours in to get to the point where I join in) as I'm now supporting this guy for a dollar a month on patreon.


Straw Hat Pirate
And another three that I actually made at the same time.

The first being my plans going on for 2018 considering all the changes to monetisation (even though I didn't even qualify originally) and everything I've absorbed about how to get going (I might even do a torture test stream before I've gotten a better processor).

Second is the first of a two part replay special from world of warships with this one being a waiting to get my turn to participate in one of the streams linked in the previous post where I decided to manfight a tier 5 battleship in a tier 4 destroyer and came out of the encounter still in one piece but with a small amount of health remaining.

And last but by no means least, we have the second part where I do something I thought that I wouldn't do on the NA server by playing an operations battle with randoms and having another case of close quarters combat.


Straw Hat Pirate

Getting back up to date we have a little bonus to start after I watched a certain turkey make a complete mess out of operation last gift in xcom 2 that after I succeeded on my personal save file, I decided to create a new save for having the mission completed and started a second attempt at the mission which I recorded.

And for the second video, it's back to the regular campaign save where I lost my nerve and reloaded a save game instead of just letting it run or just starting the whole recording from scratch (although I was too far into the recording to just junk the lot).

There's also the overview for the February 2018 humble monthly bundle.


Straw Hat Pirate
And here's another two

Starting with the forth part of my xcom 2 campaign where one of my sharpshooters got what could be the holy trinity of hidden abilities (and my capture software decided to take a dump and stop working requiring a second part and having to stitch the two parts together).

And we have my first live recording since I did my video on my new place where I make an even bigger pigs ear trying to fit a hard drive with a adapter bracket and having to ditch the bracket and bodging it into an incompatible bay.


Straw Hat Pirate
I really need to keep this more up to date then I have been...

First is the overview for this months Humble monthly bundle

Second is another in my ongoing sagas to get to tier 10 on my world of warships NA account (with a kantai collection UI) although I'm now grinding extra lines to be able to participate in the newest operation.

Third is the continuation of my xcom 2 campaign where I had a month of disasters where missions started well, but ended up going down the toilet.

And last is the unboxing and test of my newest acquisition.

There's also an unboxing of the moster musume collection that I have to put together and render, but that might not be posted for a while considering how I've been doing things lately.


Straw Hat Pirate
I'm late again with one of these, but I something to announce at the end of this post

We start up with the usual overview of the April humble monthly bunde

Followed by the finally put edited together video of my Monster Musume Limited edition unboxing and overview.

And finally the announcement that I'll be streaming on Twitch soon Starting officially with anime girls (plus me if I turn up) Vs Advent Xcom 2 stream and also including the continuation of the god eater resurrection stream that was a part of my second test and is currently available to view on my channel.



Straw Hat Pirate
Yet again, I leave it for over a month before I actually update it with all the new videos I've uploaded

Starting with last months humble monthly bundle where I found that one company was so desperate that they decided to put their game where they spent most of the time after release getting the backs of the players up with everything they did as the early unlock for the next months bundle along with some inaccuracies with their review data for that months bundle.

The World of warships video for last month where the title pretty much describes what happened

And here's this months humble monthly bundle overview where I'm still drilling into the fact that Destiny 2 was the early unlock and why I considered it desperation on the part of the developer to get more people playing the game.

This was one video that took longer then expected since I only got the OS installed and the basics installed along with reinstalling some of my games to begin with, and didn't do any more with it for several weeks when I decided to finish the job and get the rest of te games reinstalled (it also took another week or so before I put all the videos together to make the final product).

And finally, my more recent world of warships video where I finally get another ship researched bringing my quest to get the ships that are required for a certain operation that bit closer.