Best and worst of the winter season?


Captain Karen
AUKN Staff
With ACCA, I actually really like that it moved slowly for ages. I would joke with my partner even halfway through that we still had no idea what the series was about - but certain repeated elements, to me, only worked because they were repeated for no apparent reason. A little like Endless Eight but less annoying.

The important part is that even throughout the slower part of the story I was actively looking forward to each new episode of ACCA (more so than the darling of the season, Miss Kobayashi, which I also like but find very inconsistent in entertainment value). I will agree that the story took a back seat for a while, but the mood and character interactions were what I was tuning in for and none of the reveals later on would have worked if there hadn't been that period of quiet before them.

It's obviously going to sell terribly from its genre alone but hey, I'm enjoying it :D

To me, the characters never really seemed interesting enough to enjoy their interactions. Jean is one of the dullest lead characters of recent memory, although it seems that way by design. Unless there's some hidden complexity that has sailed over my head (which would come to no surprise, honestly) he's just kinda boring and just there. I do have a lot of love for Lotta though, despite the fact her screentime is somewhat limited.