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I recently watched the 40 min youtube documentary "Berserk - More than Blood and Guts" which covers all the output (Manga, Anime and Video Games).

It caught me off guard as I was not expecting such a deep storyline and I am definitely no dark fantasy reader. However, I think I am going to take a tour to our nearest Manga and Comic book store tomorrow to see if I can get an example. It would be odd to buy the ultimate edition right away, so easy does it for me. :)

I do have a question for the experts here: I dont know if I got it correctly from the documentation - is the manga starting off in a different way that it is heading further down the path? For example - is it one of those "oh you have to read until chapter 10 until it gets good" mangas ? ;)
The collector sets are better quality and unless you are paying retail can be gotten for less than the 3 individual volumes.


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My way to Berserk was definitely not an easy one. Like mentioned beforehand, I took quite a trip on Monday. Visited 4 Comic / Manga shops in two cities. The outcome were three different versions of the manga itself. A normal manga sized version (2 in 1), a more updated approach with a slight size increase and a ridicilous see-through envelope/cover (2 in 1) and the international ultimate version (3 in 1).
Only one shop had a single freshly wrapped version of the ultimate edition. They were suprised that I directly headed for this one. Due to the fact that I own very few mangas myself (only around 15) , I decided to go for the top quality and I am very happy so far. There is no significant price difference between GBP vs. EUR so it was a true investment.

However the journey was nice and I had a lot of talks with owners and employees. They were all happy that these ultimate editions are getting supported. I have not started to read yet but I leave a comment when I arrived in the world of Berserk ;)

Oh and btw - I instantly used the mentioned clue about the spine of an omnibus and how to handle it earlier in this thread. Great information , thanks !
alot of people really get into it after the golden age arc, I've seen complaints about the first part of black swordsman (there's a second part after golden age) doesn't have much development, mostly just the brutal fights, personally though I like those fights, a lot of people find themselves hooked if they stick around for the golden age though, it uses plenty of time to develop the characters and plot, you're going to like at least one of the characters during the golden age