AV Referendum results this evening. PLACE YOUR BETS NOW!

Ryo Chan said:
Maxon said:
Ryo Chan said:
the old saying of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind
But the system is broken.

Australlia is the only major nation that seems to agree

What?! No. Australia is the only major nation that uses AV/Instant Runoff to elect its national governing body. It is far and away not the only nation that thinks there are better systems than FPTP.

Of the 191 nations in the UN, only 43 use FPTP. Over 75% of the UN has an electoral system they believe superior to FPTP. Almost all (sane) voting systems are more complex than FPTP, no sensible government would stick to using a different system if they truly thought FPTP was better.

All the parliaments in the British Isles (Scotland etc) except Westminster use systems other than FPTP to elect its officials. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland both use STV (single transferable vote). Wales and Scotland use the Additional Member System.

France holds its elections using Two Round Runoff voting, Germany uses AMS like Wales and Scotland. Spain uses Party List Proportional Representation.

I really wish we had gotten rid of FPTP. It gives far too much power to the media, as candidates regardless of merit are forced out of an election by the perceived popularity of so called "major party" candidates.
Was a throughly depressing day for the most part looking at it. Having voted for the Lib Dems at every election since I was allowed to vote (Labour increased tuition fees in my last year of uni, so I knew I was not going to vote for them, and I wouldn't ever vote conservative anyway) I was certainly not going to vote them again after killing uni hopes for thousands more. I actually joked with my dad walking to the polling station, noting we have to chose between 'the cheats' (Lab) 'the Liars' (Lib) and 'the right wing nuts' (Con) The only other choice on the ballot papers in our ward was the Greens, so I chose them - though Labour got it anyway.

The referendum is also a blow. In my eyes just about anything is better than FPTP, but my 1p didn't make a blind bit of difference there either.

The only smile I got was in Scotland, where it is nice to see the SNP shaking things up again. I'm not particularly a unionist (hell the whole of the UK is historically just one big series of either conquests or economic bullying and I'm not a monarchist either so meh to all that) so it is nice to see at least one party do something different. I'm not overly clued up with what the SNP have done in Hollyrood, but a few bored nights reading with BBC parliament on definitely gave me more respect for them than any of the other louts. If Scotland wants to go independent, good luck to you!

But still, a miserable election in general for me at least, and a) living in a safe labour parliamentary seat and b) living in a safe labour ward, it seems my vote ain't going to be making any difference for the foreseeable future.
So, recently, I walked into McDonalds and asked for a beef burger. And they were all like 'no sorry, we don't have any beef burgers'. And I was like, 'but you're McDonalds!' So they offered to go over the road to fetch me a Quorn Burger, which I naturally refused.

Then suddenly, they turned to me and said 'Well, you clearly don't like Burgers then, so get the **** out of my restaurant'. Found out I've been barred from every fast food chain in the country. My friend reckons it'll take about 30 years until they'll let me try again. Well pissed.