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A lot of artbooks can be downloaded [mod removed], this is a good place to preview them.

I have fantasy ones, I recommend the Falcom artbooks (Legend of Illustrations has all the classic artwork from very early games).

I also would say for cel artwork, Sachiko Kamimura is one of the best.[/img]


I have:

The Art of Porco Rosso (Japanese) + Ghibli Museum Film Cel Ticket/Bookmark
The Art of Nausicaa (Japanese)
The Art of Ponyo (English)
Capcom Desgn Works
The art of Yasushi Suzuki (Treasure/Ikaruga/Sin & Punishment/Purgatory Kabuki)



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Got 2 new artbooks through today.

Tsubasa: ALBuM De REProDUCTioNS
The Art Of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Havent looked through the tsubasa book properly yet as The Phoenix Wright book has had all my attention. This book has a really great textured feel to the cover and the art and annotations throughout are great. Makes me want to replay all the games!!

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cercia said:
If anyone can point me to some Yamamoto Kazue artbooks I'd be very grateful (El Viento, early Megadrive artwork like below):
Are you sure that's the right name? I've generally seen Kazutoshi Yamane credited as character designer on the El Viento series and also Arcus Odyssey, which has a similar looking cover.

I only ask as I'd be interested in seeing any collection myself. Some of the early Mega Drive games had absolutely beautiful cover art.




I have some art books for Ragnarok Online and Armored Core, but those are the only physical ones I own. The rest are just digital scans on my PC, which I have many of, but can't justify buying at the prices they go for online.


I don't know if anyone has noticed but Udon have some nice sounding books on the cards for this year, including but not limited to P3 & P4, Sengoku Basara (and manga, which I'm sure will interest Rui) and Valkyria chronicles.

That and of course the Pivix artbook that I greatly look forward too, which seems to have been resheduled to Febuary.


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Damn them Februaries. D:

I did see one or two interesting books when I was in Travelling Man the other day, including a couple from Udon, but I can't for the life of me remember what they were. I know they had the Atelier series book, but there were one or two less common ones I think. Either way, it was just kind of cool to see the books "there" on the shelf of a UK bookstore, even if it is a deliberately focused one.


wow forgot that I posted in this topic, here is a updated list =3

Angel Sancutary Count cain postcard book
Gestalk postcard book
Harukanaru Tokinonakade Memorial Book
Yukiru Sugisaki Netural Artbook
Clamp North Side English version
Clamp South Side English version
Minako Iwasaki Art Works
Angel Santuary Lost Angel English Viz Version
Angel Sanctuary Angel Cage English Viz Version
Art of Hana Kimi English Viz Version
Nabari No Yuhki Kamatani 'liricamente' art book
Tsubasa Album de Reproductions w/folder
Record of Lodoss War OVA 1 Artbook
Infinite Ryvius Roman Album
Akira TOriyama The World Artbook
Weib Kreuz All that Weib
weib kreuz Gakken Mook Animdia Sepcial
Slayers DX art book
Slayers Great Movie Edition
Kyo Kara Maoh Memorial Visual Book 1 -can't find a picture-
My Neighbour Totoro Artbook
Bleach All Colour but the Black
Slayers Gorgeous Offical Program
Slayers Great Artbook
Magic Knight Rayearth Art book 1
Okami Material Collection Artbook
Trinity Blood Artbook

Hetalia Axis Powers ARTBOOK ArteStella -So glad I got my hands on a copy of this-
Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru Illustrations Collection - Phosphor -This was worth every penny even if the postage was as much as then book-
CHAYAMACHI CHiRAL WORKS -Lamento Togainu no Chi
Ao No Ao no Exorcist Color Archive - Animation and Comic Visual Guidebook
Blanc et Noir: Obata Takeshi Illustrations -Death note, Hikaru no Go
Tiger and Bunny Official Hero Book
Kazuki Yone Duplicated Original Box "AVARUS" -amazing and beautiful work
Hakuoki Reimeiroku Gengashu
Hakuouki Gengashuu
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Fan Book First Phase Hakuouki
Okami Ogami Gasshu Jinsoumaiko Kyu Sairei Jiken
Shounen Onmyouji Gashu
Minako Iwasaki: Tensho Gakuen Gensoroku / Gekkoroku Art Works

That's possible it I don't think I missed any not sure-

Art of Final Fantasy XI
cloud Vol 1 artbook and dvd
Tales of Symphonia Illustrations
Phantom Brave Character Collection
Disgaea Character Collection

ive got a few others like ones i got with games like tekken 6 and bioshock 2 but the mini artbooks with gow and halo ... s=2&root=2 That is some of them not all of them is listed