Announced (& not yet scheduled) Releases


March comes in like a Grav
AUKN Staff
Way back when, Anime Limited announced Tenchi Muyo GXP, and then cancelled it, much as Revelation Films did ten years previously.

Well, now it looks as if it has even less chance of a UK release now that Funimation's rights have lapsed.
Or maybe it has more of a chance if someone else picks it up...
It was updated so that only the digital streaming rights were lost, so home video is fine.


AUKN Staff
Standard Blu-Ray of Armed Girls (It's on AOL) and the Broly Steelbook will be added to the main site once I get on my main computer.

you've missed off Twin star exorcists 2-4 for a reason I'm guessing, or do you know something and not telling?
Nope, I missed it. Added. Thank you.

or maybe they forgot about it since its honestly a forgettable license.
Can confirm this is the reason. Oops!