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Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
Really surprised to see Demon Slayer picked up - I was honestly expecting that to go to Manga UK. Neon Genesis Evangelion will also naturally be in my collection next year.

Biggest surprise for me though? Planetes. Watched it back on AnimeCentral years ago, and I've been interested in owning it since. So definitely happy to see that announced.


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Not that big of an Eva fan myself so don't want to pay the premium price for a ultimate edition, but if they do a cheaper regular edition I will probably pick it up due to the massive influence Eva has had on anime in general.


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Going to get Eva when it gets a standard release later, but that's about it.

Really happy to see any AoA anime not locked to manga tho, as much as I find yaiba as average as a show can get.


i hope Eva keeps inline with the Gundam packaging and we don't end up with digipak hell

New announcements

New: Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;Surrection in 2020
New: Season 1 of Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba
New: K 7 Stories (sequel to K)
New: Planetes Blu-ray 2020
New: The original Evangelion + Death/Rebirth and End of Eva Ultimate Edition BD 2021

Planetes will be mine!
And Eva of course.
can't wait to rewatch Planetes after originally watching it on Anime Central all those years ago


Stating the obvious, but Evangelion is a totemic masterpiece and this is an incredible, long-overdue announcement that I questioned would ever happen due to the Netflix deal. I thought we'd get Gunbuster before Gainax allowed a release of Eva.


Eva sure is going to be a similar thing to Utena.,,

They also mentioned they were looking into K season 1.

I sure hope they do. Still got Missing Kings and Return of Kings from those Christmas mystery boxes. Right now I feel like they are utterly pointless shelf decoration as I don't have K S1 and thus can't watch them.


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didn't even realize the UE of utena sold that fast luckily I already own the usa version will def buy evangellion day one though. be cool if next they got ah my goddess.


Planetes will be mine!
Yes!!! I see a couple of people above also saw this on AnimeCentral 😁
I brought the DVD collection from @Luna but still haven't got round to a re-watch. Still a definite buy though.
@anime_andrew a man of his word, eventually 😜 From 5 and a half years ago:
Man, I'd also do anything for The Big O and Giant Robo and Planetes to be released on Blu-ray in the UK...
but the aforementioned 4 and Gunbuster...
Well...I'd like Nadia too I guess...and Dennou Coil...damn this list will never end!
At least one title in the list above is on my list for rescue & Blu-Ray.

Assuming it was Planetes he was talking about off that list!

I've also fairly recently (actually probably already a year or more ago!) got the DVD collection of Eva and of course it's on Netflix so I'll wait to see what else is in the Ultimate Edition before making a decision.


Death Scythe
Real excited for Demon Slayer and Evangelion. Didn't expect Evangelion to finally see a release.

Maybe AL can work their magic and acquire the rights to some Macross.
Yeah that won't happen...