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You’d think they would prioritize the 00 films and Wing EW, but this is AL and Gundam shouldn’t be surprised they decided to ignore those for something worse and only 3 years behind Nozomi new record.
An Amazon listing has appeared for a French Blu-Ray edition of Gundam 0083 (the title implies it's the movie but I hope it also includes the OVA) with a release date of March 25. I'd also expect a UK release within a few months.

Gundam 0083-Le Crépuscule de Zéon-Edition Collector Bluray Blu-Ray: DVD & Blu-ray

Edit: Running time is 2 hours, so it's most likely just the movie.
Well that's not good. Hopefully the UK version is handled better, because splitting the TV and films or only focusing on the film is not a good idea at all, especially as the Nozomi release has everything together in a single release.
On the one hand, filling the gaps in the UC is good and all I really want in terms of Gundam. On the other, I hope AL managing to sell us things at a certain price point hasn’t convinced Sunrise that we need to be sold something like 0083 in three separate volumes for like £30 each.
If we do get the 0083 movie I will by no means support it. I'd rather have the tv series instead of a heavily butchered movie.
Hopefully it has better subtitles. The beez release used UK military ranks and translated One Year War to The War Of Year One.

For what it's worth, 0083 is a real low priority for me personally. Its only highlights are the mecha designs and the combat scenes.
I hope the OVA has the original Japanese 2.0 track. The Japanese 2.0 track on the Nozomi BD is a downmix of the 2006 5.1ch version with re-recorded dialogue and new SFX. I dislike the new SFX.

Comparison (original first)
The G Reco movie storyboard book is a fun read.