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Question about the collector's edition of Gundam Wing. Will the standard edition of part 2 fit snugly in the part 1 collector's box? Or does one need to purchase the version with the booklet in order to achieve a proper fit?
Standard Edition Part 2 can still fit in the box, but for a complete fit the booklet would be needed. Each Gundam UK box is designed to include everything including the collector's items.
asked about this and they said it's still the 13th for them but they've set it as the 20th for amazon and AoL to allow them to recieve stock which means i guess AL are shipping themself for orders from their site
Sadly it's me that's shipping it. Some stock arrived today but the rest should be in tomorrow. Though depending on when [if] stock arrives, I most likely won't get them all shipped until Monday.
I'm late but- good word, do not buy Gonna Be The Twin Tail. Bloody awful show. A poor tokusatsu parody that suffers from just being creepy and an obvious vehicle to sell the novels.

I never got why Tail Yellow somehow wants desperately to be acknowledged as an individual and simultaneously wants to be treated as a dog. And then there's that ep with the medication that makes you pee...

I feel so sorry for the actors.
It's worth noting that we only got a small partial delivery of stock of Code Geass Film 3 today, so not all orders have shipped yet - we're hoping that the bulk of the shipment arrives tomorrow!