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Apparently I'm the one guy who put his hand up for having bought Gundam 00.

You're all awful and clearly the reason I can't have nice Gundam things!
Haha I was chatting to my mate about what id bought and missed the question so didnt put my hand up. Whoops.


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Origin V & VI are perfect for Christmas! Great news!!! I still need to gather some other stuff too.
...I am dreaming of a white christmas - sale... ;)

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B: The Beginning will very much depend on the price especially if they price it like TiR.... but the main selling point for me will be if they can get the rights to include 'The Image Album' that will be an instant buy then!
The soundtrack is ok but that OP is for lack of a better word a 'banger' but is sadly not included on the soundtrack.


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Did anyone who ordered Code Geass film 1 last week receive it yet? I ordered 1 & 2 at the same time so maybe they'll ship them together? Usually I get my AL orders in a couple of days max.
They did have a notice on the site saying that orders made from Wednesday onwards would not be shipped until the 30th at the earliest, so if you ordered it around that time then that could explain it.

Anyway I received Gundam Wing Part 2 today, earlier than expected.


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im torn on whether buy vampire hunter D now or try and wait for the 12 days of xmas sale in case it pops up cheaper or part of a mystery box


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I suspect we’ll hear about Tokyo Ghoul: re part 1 soon, looking forward to seeing if they managed to get any additional material for their release that isn’t in the Funi sets.