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Combat Butler
I've got an extra Earth Federation (still sealed) - if anyone's got a spare Zeon (preferably still sealed) and would like to trade, let me know!


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Unknown, some people got keyrings with Bandit Flower in the photos thread despite stock being stated as exhausted during Wing fulfilment.
I was working through in date order, the bulk of which were with Gundam Wing, and then caught up with the initial pre-orders of Bandit Flower, hence some keychains were included.

And continuing on working through Bandit Flower/Gundam Wing orders today!


Thousand Master
I would totally get prisma Illya for my Fate collection if not for the fact it is going to be forever unfinished.

I might check out Full Metal Panic though


Death Scythe
I probably won't be getting the AL release of Wing as I already have the Nozomi UCE. May pock up the UE if the extras are good.

This shouldn't affect the stock with the CE box that comes with the UE as that stock will have been allocated for that purpose.


Death Scythe
Welp guess I'm never going to own Wing then since I was waiting for that.
It's still available, though for £7 more than the EB. Wish they updated that the plans had changed wrt the UE while the EB was still on.

Might pick up Part 1 now and sell it on if I don't like the look of the Endless Waltz set.

Still no sign of Bandit Flower from the EB shipping for me yet.


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So, to clarify for folks (as I appreciate we've ended up making this more confusing than we really should, so it's a lesson we've learned for future products of this nature if and when they come along!)...

Basically, our plan as it stands is to make our Endless Waltz Collector's Edition the "deluxe" release, with a box into which you can slot your Part 1 and Part 2 sets. That will be the only "deluxe" SKU in that sense, so there won't be a complete deluxe set.

What we are hoping to do is offer some shop-exclusive bundles of the entire series when Endless Waltz is released, but if that does come to fruition they will be very limited in stock so there won't be too many to go around.