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I'm also a little bit upset with @Hanners for asking that thread to be locked and preventing any further discussion.

What that says to me is that your harshly worded opinions mattered a lot more than all the other reasonably worded ones in that thread. And that I do find really unfortunate.
I'd rather what people take from that thread is that none of us are here to be verbally abused and sworn at, and I won't tolerate that personally or against any of my colleagues. If someone did that to me in the street or any other place or work I'd walk away, and the same rule applies here.

Ultimately, regardless of any specific posts from individuals I've taken the broader tone of the comments of people I was hoping to reach out to on-board that my attempt was unwelcome and unwise, so I consider this matter and the debate around video quality closed and I won't be engaging publicly on the subject again.

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While I know it's upset some people I do believe that the industry rep took the right course of action. People need to actually wake up to the fact that there are real people behind these posts, you know, with feelings and stuff. In my opinion, a forum environment should not give people the green light to be more abusive than they otherwise would be if it were face to face. As someone who's worked in customer service for a few good years I can honestly say that while you manage to gulp down the majority of horrible attitudes that are directed at you with a big dose of "it's not personal", it still is not a pleasant thing to be on the receiving end of, and the moment any situation escalates to the use of foul language and incessant rage, well yes, you're quite within your rights to not put up with that.


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TBF, there were about 10-11 people who gave genuine (not aggressive) answers in that thread.

Apart from one person (who has apologised a number of times since), I think it was going well.

The “lack of civilised discussion” in the locking post was a bit OTT. The whole thread (apart from one person) was civilised. If one frustrated person can “drive a wedge” between the industry and the community, things must be in a sorry state.

The thread was made with good intentions. One person reacted badly. The baby is being thrown out with the bath water.

The overwhelming majority of us were behaving ourselves and were more than happy to collaborate with AL in a civil manner. It seems unfair to all of us that that’s gone in the bin because of one person.


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TBF, there were about 10-11 people who gave genuine (not aggressive) answers in that thread.
I will drop in a final final word (no really) to thank those who responded and fed back in the spirit in which my thread was intended - the general consensus matched my own there, so rest assured that at least was instructive and hasn't gone to waste.

I will also note that my decision to not engage any further isn't based solely on one person (so let's please not pile everything onto one individual), but due to a number of prominent comments both here and elsewhere stating that we shouldn't need to ask for feedback on video quality under any circumstances. That's also relevant feedback and I'm taking it on board, which is why I'm taking this back to being solely an internal effort moving forward.

Now I shall really be quiet on the matter. Definitely. For real. ;)

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But are you sorry, though? Or are you actually quite proud of the big reaction you got?
I really am sorry. Why would I be proud of getting an official mad at me, shutting down a thread, and possibly not even considering feedback all because I acted immature under stress? I may be rude and mean on occasion, but in no way do I actually get pleasure from it. I’m not so coldhearted like I’m often made out to be.

I am capable of rational discussion, but please understand that these past 18 hours had been very stressful due to various issues going on with my trip returning home from Japan. I am also still not yet back in the US because of delays and security check issues. I will explain my trip to Japan in full detail at a later point.

Again, I sincerely apologise for causing any problems and I hope to remain friends with this community and the distributor representatives here. In reflecting on my behaviour, I’m going to take a break so as to better myself.