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Have heard nothing further back on if Reco movie 3 was supposed to come with more extras.
I think the AL listing is incorrect. Anime Limited basically acts as a proxy for importing the A-On Store / Premium Bandai exclusive versions and it makes no mention of them. The set comes with everything here as far as I can tell: 劇場版『Gのレコンギスタ Ⅲ』「宇宙からの遺産」 Blu-rayパーフェクトパック (初回限定生産) 【プレミアムバンダイ、A-on STORE限定】 | A-on STORE (The product code matches too BCXM-1515)


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Had to contact AL about El-Hazard as I’ve still not received it and tracking hasn’t changed since the 10th saying it’s on its way to RM, even though it was dispatched at same time as the others who have received theirs. Maybe it’s down the back of a sofa somewhere.


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Any of ye ordered off up1 to Ireland recently, which is better parcel force or dpd? And is parcel force just royal mail
Parcelforce is the parcel arm of Royal Mail. Don't live in Ireland but used both here in the UK and both are fine for me, although DPD gives you a 2 hour time slot and you can change delivery day if you aren't going to be in.


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Parcelforce is the parcel arm of Royal Mail. Don't live in Ireland but used both here in the UK and both are fine for me, although DPD gives you a 2 hour time slot and you can change delivery day if you aren't going to be in.
I'd be going with DPD, their local depot is 5 mins from me. Will be grabbing some stuff like Nichijou from them next month after I return from a trip to Spain in 2 weeks.
Anyone know if the UK Eva ATA release is the same, and if there is another such replacement program?

Yep. Exact same discs (barring the warning screen and the All The Anime logo at the beginning). I tested mine a while ago, and the deleted live-action scene lacks the subtitles.

Shout also has a separate link for their replacement scheme for overseas customers (I believe it was posted on the Blu-ray(dot)com forums), but it only applies if the customer bought it from the US. It doesn't apply if they bought it from the UK (All the Anime) or Australia (Madman).

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Same, I'm super excited even though I don't have a 4K player or TV XP

I'm in the same boat - I've been buying 4K anime releases, including the Belladonna CE, but I don't have any 4K equipment at home for viewing, except I do have an Oppo 203 4K Player in my theater room A/V rack. I had spent $2500 on a top-tier, first generation 52" Sharp Aquos HD TV for the living room way back in 2007 when HD TVs were first coming out, and the dang thing still has a great picture and is working flawlessly after 15 years, so I have no excuse to go out and buy a replacement TV yet. I have the wall space for up to a 75" TV in the living room, so a new TV that size would be fairly costly. And, true 4K projectors for my basement movie theater start at about $4000 and go up from there, so I won't be upgrading from my Epson 5030UB HD projector anytime soon, either, unless I completely stop buying anime for a full year to subsidize it! Sigh.
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I have a 4K TV for 7 months, and a 4K player from the end of last year, so... I'm ready for watching this "properly". To be honest, I don't expect a big difference, but I love this movie, so it was must buy for me, and also searched a book for a long time, so I'm big excited for this.

I am currently intoxicated with UE Evangelion ^^ Box it's wonderful, and it is a series from of my top three.
I hope that we got a replacement disc, because I never saw this scene (live action), and I was checked it almost on the same day, as I got this box.


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For first time I'm starting to get really annoyed with AL. I'm still waiting for El-Hazard and tracking hasn't changed since the 10th. I've sent message through their contact form last week and tweeted them and still haven't heard back. I've never had to wait more than 48 hours when I've contacted other companies in the past but its like radio silence with AL. I've also contacted RM today.

This has been what the tracking has been since I got the email it had shipped


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Has anyone else in the EU checked their VAT invoices from Fedex (or other carrier) for their xmas sale orders from AL?

I did just now, preparing to pay but noticed it was higher than I expected, turns out in my order at least that both the Re:ZERO complete collection and Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory CE were declared at the full rather than the sale price, even though the other items in the order were declared properly at the sale prices, so VAT bill is almost €10 more than it should be.

Not sure how to sort this out, as Fedex are not easy to deal with, and it's really a mistake on AL's part rather than theirs anyway...

Just a heads up that you should probably check your invoices first before blindly paying.