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Dandy Guy, in Space
Got my copy of Evangelion UE today! It was delivered to my work a few days ago, but due to complications involving family members getting COVID-like symptoms and needing PCR tests, I wasn not allowed anywhere near the building until we all got an all-clear.

So thankfully no-one at home has COVID, just some other kind of viral snot-disease.

The UE looks beautiful, but it is bloody huge. I've no idea where I'm going to store this. Everything is in perfect order, no dents or scratches, all discs held firmly in place. Still not sure it was worth the obscene asking price (even with the pre-order and animeunlimited discounts applied...)

At least if we're ever robbed while I'm in the house, I know I have access to a nicely hefty, sturdy, square piece of weaponry that should easily cave in the head of any scabby, thieving ne'er-do-wells.


Standard editions of Bartender, Utena, Persona 5 and Future Diary are all on the front page of AOL now (I don't think anyone's mentioned it yet - sorry if I missed it and I'm duplicating info!)


Pokémon Master
As people in Japan are now receiving their copies I've been trying to confirm the extras Anime Limited listed for G Reco III and some I can't find. In particular, AL says we get 2 A3 posters but no one in Japan has those. Possible it's an international audience exclusive.

What has cropped up is an image of the bonus flyer and one of two possible mecha cards.20211227_122709.jpgdvd_img_03 (1).png


Za Warudo
So, bit soon to be talking about this seeing as the 12 days of Christmas one only just finished, but how often do sales on their website take place?

Is it Christmas only?


Za Warudo
AL does a few sales here and there (Easter, Summer) but prices-wise won't be on the same level as Christmas time.

Cheers. Was looking into gundam and remembered a lot of the series i am interested in (00, Turn A, Iron Blooded Orphans) were BOGOF in December, so part of me wants to just wait for offers on them again!
The AL blu-ray retains "Change the World" for the OP and does not use the alternate used on some streaming services.
Thanks for the confirmation. At least that's one release that I will own featuring a V6 song shown all the way through its usage.

I currently own Mill Creek's release of Ultraman Tiga, which sadly removes "Take Me Higher", also by V6 (although episode 3 and 4 retains it by accident), although it's possible that it's because of the deal between Tsuburaya and Mill Creek commencing prior to Johnny Kitagawa's death.
Apologies for the double-post, but this is regarding Evangelion.

There were reports that disc 5, which cover the 2 movies, is missing the subtitles on one of the extras. In particular, the deleted live action scene. I've not long re-tested disc 5, and I can confirm that the subtitles are missing on the deleted scene on my copy.

Those who have ordered the GKIDS/Shout Factory release can apply for a replacement disc. Some people have already received theirs. If you ordered the Anime Limited release, you will have to wait until they do a replacement scheme of their own (they're currently closed for the Christmas/New Year period).


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Sometimes, this all really feels like an argument for streaming. Error in the content? No worries, just change the file on a server.

Problem with a physical release? We have to wait for the problem to be assessed, logistics for disc replacement to be set up, the corrected discs to be printed, etc.

Feel like I'm getting too old to have to keep running the risk so often that supporting a physical release will require this runaround.