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No Gundam...
So many bombshells wuuuuweeeeh!!

Kaiba and Boogiepop 🤤 Sakura 🤤 My Hime 🤤

I thought we were getting Devilman Crybaby, but Kaiba is sweet, too!

but I'll have no budget for the sales themselves with all these early birds
fwiw if you have all 4 Code Geass movies and the box you can fit all 4 amaray cases in the big box to beat the christmas deal coming up

wasn't really expecting them but sad at no Seed Destiny and Psycho-Pass 3
can't wait for CCS even if it is about the 7th time buying the series (just started getting the laserdiscs)
but will the subs be like the NISA blurays with Xiaolang instead of Syaoran etc
Huh, didn't see El Hazard coming. I got the Nozomi version a few months back. I was left with the impression that 90s harem comedy stuff like this and Tenchi haven't aged too gracefully, but man, some of the visual design is still great.

In for Kakegurui and maybe Boogiepop. My-HiME is a blast from Beez's past. Would rather have Witch Hunter Robin 🙏
El Hazard and Boogiepop Phantom are definites. I'll probably get CCS unless the price is insane. My-Hime is a maybe.

But... an ultimate edition for Blood C of all things?! It starts okay, but I can't think of many shows that fall apart into such an abysmal mess by the end.
I was just checking my Universal release of Seraph of the end (I haven't gotten round to watching all the way through yet (pretty sure only got round to the first few episodes)).
Universal release names it as Season 1 part 1 and Season 1 part 2, will this be the same episode count as what all the Anime intend to release (so what there naming it as season 1 & 2 / Seraph of the End -Vampire Reign- & -Battle in Nagoya-)?

I'm assuming it is and it's just unviersal let there licence expire and All the Anime picked it up and are releasing it in a complete boxset. And pretty sure at least one of the universal part is OOP.
Pretty stunned at Belladonna on 4K - it's not a title that I would have assumed flew off the shelves but I am here for it. Maybe we can get some more vintage films soon? Those 4K Toei Doga restorations look mighty fine, especially The Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon.

Great to see Kaiba too, love me some Yuasa. Kemonozume is the only one (pre-Netflix) yet to get a release isn't it?
Great announcements. I see a few titles, that I planned to buy this winter on RS store, but now I will wait for Anime Ltd releases with great packaging (El Hazard, Kaiba, Boogiepop). Finally the Sakura, great, but without details... So I think we wait a little longer for this one. Kagenui, cool. Big surprise with ultimate edition for Blood-C... And only 500 unit, so I should think about that right now? Hmm... Of, almost forgot, Belladonna in 4K, yeah, I love this movie and anime in 4K, even if sometimes doesn't see a difference in quality, ha ha.

Btw. I was sure in almost 100% that Future Boy Conan will be also on list, but wasn't see it xD
Just checked out the video. I've been laughing for about half an hour over the Blood C Ult. announcement. I know that show has its fans, but to me it's like seeing a bad garage punk band getting the Christmas number 1. spot. I'm horrified, yet the inner anarchic part of me is ecstatic.

I've never actually watched El Hazard, but it's the kind of blind-buy acquisition I'd likely pick up. I'll probably also double-dip on Boogiepop & Kaiba, despite owning the US releases. That said, out of all Yuasa's body of work, comparing the latter to Eizouken felt incredibly odd to me.

Having only really encountered the AL staff from the podcast and the odd video, I don't think I've encountered Demi before, but starting off with a dumb Pen² joke immediately gets my support.

Also, while I have little personal interest in CCS, that boxset looks glorious, and I'd almost be tempted to pick it up for display purposes alone. That said, at the risk of speaking blasphemy, I wasn't a huge fan of the new transfer images. I dunno, a bit of tint and colour saturation on a 90's show is like blacks and grain on a 70's cell movie - it adds to the immersion. The new transfer, while technically impressive just looks too clean and washed out for my tastes, similar to the issues numerous hd remakes of games have. That again, I'm neither enough of a visual freak or a CCS fan to feel I'm likely in the majority in regards to that stance,

PS. The big question I have from all this is whether the new Belladonna 4K release will have the same unintentional blow-up doll disk covers?

The answer better be yes.


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