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Going through the SEED set because I'd pencilled in a review and the liberal changes of the new dub are really making me want to follow through.
Do you guys think that AL will get demon slayer season 2? It seemed a little up in the air, I didn't want to get season 1 only for funi to remove it from AL and do a different design for season 2.
Three things about the post;
The description of the Violet Evergarden movie states it's a digipack, although the image depicts an amaray, it does say "artwork not final" on the image, but it seems very inconsistent with their release of the series, and they have stated they don't like doing digipacks for single disc releases, which this looks to be, so my money is on an amaray release.

The Penguindrum release states two amarays in a rigid slipcase, like their recent Re:zero and Erased re-releases, but the image only shows one, although in this case the image is very obviously just a mockup so I'm betting on the text being accurate this time.
I was really hoping for a digipack for this one, their Planetes release got my hopes up, but at least it's in one single release, artbook does looks to be a bit more substantive than what we get with some of their recent amaray releases too.

And finally, the SRP for the Love Live! The School Idol Movie release is listed as £79.99, did a double take when I saw that, is listed as £34.99 on the product page itself though.

Deff pre-ordering both Evergarden & Penguindrum regardless of all the above, and rather tempted by Psycho Pass too, for me I think this is the best monthly release slate I've seen from them since I've started shopping on their site.
I’ll definitely be picking up Violet Evergarden. I’d like Penguindrum as well, but that’s quite pricy for an already expensive month outside of anime so I might hold off until later down the road.
Penguindrum I should have known would have been an higher SRP because of the new Blu-ray discs, but the fact that it's authored by MediaOCD does make up for it. I'll definitely pre-order it considering it'll attract international buyers also.

PSYCHO-PASS: Sinners of the System I found to be very good after watching them on Screen Anime. However, I feel this release is a bit of a risky move because AL is essentially jumping the gun a bit since Funimation has yet to license these films and dub them. That being said, I do think the collector's packaging is very good, but I'm in no rush to own it just yet so we'll see.

Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto-Memory Doll is a bigger CE than I had anticipated and there's a lot of goodies presented. Shame it's a higher SRP but at least the Unlimited discount will bring the price down a bit.
well that's strange, just checked the AL site and demon slayer is still down for the 28/6, so either they haven't updated (which is most likely) or they got it wrong (very unlikely)
we’ll be returning to the world of the SIBYL system, as we bring Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System

Within that slipcase you’ll find a Digipak
I'm definitely getting Eternity and the Auto-Memory Doll, and I might upgrade my US Penguindrum DVDs. How do AL usually handle posters (folded or rolled)?

I notice on CD Japan that the Japanese blu-ray for the other Violet Evergarden movie isn't out there until August, so I guess we'll have a looooong wait for a UK release of that one.
All 3 for me - Sinners of the system is top priority, VE movie has a very nice box and is much nicer than the US release, and I never bought the Sentai copy of Penguindrum at all. I probably won't care that much for the series, but since itt has a nice CE release and is authored by Justin, I'll throw it in with the rest. I just wanted all of them to be digipaks...
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