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The "master license" for Black Clover is held by Crunchyroll (for non-english territories at least)
AL is / was the partner of CR in France, thus they have access to their licenses as well. (+ much Aniplex & Movies)
However this might change in future, as CR bought their competitor Kaze.

was there a press release that i missed ?
They bought Viz Media Europe, the parent company of Kaze, and it has now been rebranded as Crunchyroll SAS.
95% true

VIZ Media Europes manga licensing department for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America became "VME PLB SAS" and is still owned by Shogakukan and Shueisha. Guess this mainly affects the italian and spanish speaking manga market.

Everything else, including Kazé Manga, is now controlled by Crunchyroll.

Site note: No UK branch of Kazé was listed in any of these press releases.
Also the art cards for sword art online Alicization are they meant to go in part 1 there’s not really enough room for them
They do fit as I had managed to sort it without too much issue.

Fma has some weird Blu-ray cases the art goes all the way to the bottom but the top doesn’t
I'm guessing those are the same 3-disc ones some of the Gundam releases come in; those aren't designed to take full-length inserts (like the ones Criterion uses for example) as they'd stick out of the top of the plastic sleeve and have to contend with the embossed plastic blu-ray logo on the front. They're just a different spine design that the manufacturers of that particular case (Scanavo) use rather than the more widely used Amarays.

How long until some staff member changes my title to "blu-ray case fetishist"?
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i wonder if this means they'll be licensing anime to sell in the US too or if this is just expanding on their vinyl stuff, i guess with funimation sucking up all the competition that now is the best time to expand
i would've thought that the french Seed discs would've been a separate thing because AL is sourcing the discs from the US which is why we've had a delay since december
Discs might be different but I'd bet the box and other extras are part of the same print run to cut down costs.