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Just Violet Evergarden for me from that list, I pre-ordered the CE a few days ago at AOL. I already own the US releases of the Lelouch steelbook, Ride Your Wave, and Aniplex's Promised Neverland. I'm not a Gundam fan and I dropped Demon Slayer.


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Looking good, I'll probably be buying everything.

I'm slightly worried Demon Slayer will have bleeding on the spine since the back of the box is mostly white and the spine is black (Artwork not final so they might change it) I hope the people at the factory line it all up properly!


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AL is using the proper Aniplex of America discs as we have the Audio Commentaries and Textless Songs (the bonus features were omitted in the Funimation and Madman discs).

I was wondering if funi had a different disc.

I just realised that this go around there is something I want to pre-order each week. Uh oh...
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Do we have any amazon uk links for all the new anime limited releases? 😃 Maybe they haven't put up the pre orders yet? When I search on Amazon I always have trouble finding the newest pre orders like Gundam Turn A for example.


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I'll be picking up Code Geass, Violet Evergarden, all the Gundam and maybe Demon Slayer.

I must confess I'm not a fan of the current artwork they've chosen for the Demon Slayer cover, it's very "generic sword boy anime", which tbf I guess that's exactly what it is but I dunno, the art used everywhere else on the set is much more interesting.


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Violet Evergarden, Code Geass and Demon Slayer for me. Very tempted by Promised Neverland, but I don't like where the manga goes so probably wouldn't buy more of the anime so having just S1 seems like a waste....


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To the surprise of no one I do plan to pick up all of the Collector's Editions. I am already this far into the Gundam collecting verse so I may as well keep it going for Gundam Narrative (despite being negatively received by the fanbase) and Turn-A Gundam (packaging artwork is perfection).

Ride Your Wave I don't expect to sell out asap, but I'm willing to give it a second chance as my first viewing for the film I wasn't even sure what to think of it (context: I watched the film back in February during Japan Foundation Festival). Violet Evergarden will sell out because it's a KyoAni title that is still remembered by most fans and has more to offer than the US release so that's a neat outcome.

Demon Slayer is the biggest surprise for me in terms of the disc count because as I mentioned before, we are getting the Aniplex discs and not the other versions (Funimation 3 disc no extras, Madman 2 disc no extras) so either Aniplex is perfectly fine with the British sales or they just don't care what the UK can get in terms of access.

Promised Neverland seems to have kept the US booklet so that's pretty neat. I haven't seen any reviews on the Madman discs so if someone from Blu-ray forum sees this and does a review on that QC thread that would be handy (it won't change my stance on AL's set but it would be nice to know if Madman have kept the same quality as Rascal Bunny Girl for this show).


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I'm hoping they'll do a box to hold both parts of Demon Slayer that uses some of the Aniplex art, but AoA probably won't let them do a box though.

This has been bothering me for a while, any reason why AoA get the say in on how the UK sets can end up looking instead of the actual liscensor? It seems pretty backwards.


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AoA is master licensor for all English titles rights they have. Like FUNimation with stuff like Fruits basket or CR with Haikyu S3 onwards. France gets them from AoJ.
Put simply AL got the rights of Demon slayer from AoA not AoJ