Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018


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I got a reply today from them after lunch, I think i'm certainly in the minority now. The problem is I can't get any dispatch info to chase it up properly and neither can they. They're having trouble getting the info off their suppliers. I really feel like my stuff is just sat in some warehouse somewhere busy being lost.

cyborg 002

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I received all three 12 Days orders today.

The thing is my orders were shipped back! That's why I didn't receive any of my orders.

Fedex didn't contact me via phone, e-mail, they didn't even put a note in my mail box!

AL was nice to reship it, and I received my orders today.


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Are there any of you out there that still haven't got all your stuff yet or is just me? They tell me TNT tried to deliver so they'd get them to re-arrange delivery but it's been yet another week and still nothing, not even a single missed delivery note for the last attempt they supposedly made.

Had this exact same issue, AL said that TNT attempted delivery but at least one person was home at all times for the past month and not had anyone attempt to deliver the last item I was waiting for, after asking AL to arrange a re-delivery it finally showed up just a couple days ago. Really would've appreciated some tracking info or a heads up it had been reshipped but oh well, it's here now. Any luck on your end yet?


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It's finally here!! I'm wondering if the original ones were lost though as the invoice inside says 29th Jan.


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Ah well, it seems it's not quite over yet, I haven't got Gankutsuou but it's on the invoice saying it's on back order so hopefully it should be fine. At least i'm only chasing up 1 thing now and not a whole box full. Now all I have to work out is if I have enough shelf space for all the stuff I got excited about all that time ago. Especially Terror in Resonance, for some reason I didn't realize it would be that big!