Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018


Dragon Knight
Because in my eyes you would be no better than those Ebay buyers who message you saying they haven't received their item and want a refund. You message them asking a few questions and get told that no one in the house accepted the parcel and its not at the delivery office

Only then to quickly blame it on someone else when confronted by tracking details...

I'm not a seller so I had no idea people did that. That's kind of a ****y thing to do.


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Would have got my box 2 last Friday but 100 years ago when I first ordered this I accidentally had it sent to my home address.
Got it today (after having to go to TNT's depot because apparently "redeliver to a different address" means "try the same address again" in their world) so I'm now also all sorted for the stuff I ordered.

Just waiting to see what AL want me to do with a couple of duplicates I have now.


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Are there any of you out there that still haven't got all your stuff yet or is just me? They tell me TNT tried to deliver so they'd get them to re-arrange delivery but it's been yet another week and still nothing, not even a single missed delivery note for the last attempt they supposedly made.


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Might not just be you but I think most people (myself included) have now got everything they ordered.
Sounds like it might be worth emailing AL again and seeing if they can chase it for you.