Anime documentaries


Pokémon Master
If you find any good anime documentaries on Youtube or elsewhere, post links here. A couple of the best channels I've found for well-researched anime documentaries are:

kenny lauderdale
If you're interested in old or obscure anime, this channel is a goldmine. He specialises in shows and OAVs from the 80s that border on falling into the lost media category. Here are a few highlights.

Less prolific than the previous channel, but has some great detailed retrospectives and documentaries on some 80s classics, with the one about Megazone 23 being especially enlightening about why that OAV is such an incoherent mess.

All Things Lost
Not primarily an anime-related channel, but it does have some interesting videos on lost anime.
One channel I follow is called Toy Galaxy. They started talking about toy collections, but pivoted into the history of the shows and films that the collections started from and now just anything nostalgia based.
Their latest is about Diacon III and IV:

Most of their anime videos are about the American versions, but start with the original shows. There are a few about the original shows that weren't butchered, like Ulysses 31. I made a playlist:
A good primer on 70s super robot anime. It would have been nice if it also integrated the live-action super robot shows of the decade (such as Red Baron, which aired around the same time as Mazinger Z), but this goes a lot deeper than the usual big name Go Nagai and Tomino shows. It mentions a few less successful series that I'd never heard of before.
This Youtuber does some excellent deep dives into 80s and 90s anime, combining behind-the-scenes insight, thematic analysis, and a dash of humour.