Anime Clubs of the United Kingdom and Ireland


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I think I've probably asked this before, but are there any active clubs or societies in Birmingham that I could attend? (but not Uni ones, as that would be a bit weird)


Completely Average High School Student
Wales has 3 I know of I am thinking on going to the swansea one but its really far away it sucks balls >>


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Updated a fresh :)

* Northampton & Milton Keynes Anime Club ~ Site and forums inactive.
* Reading University Anime Society ~ Site inactive.
* Southampton University Anime & Manga Society ~ Website gone, cannot locate alternative.
* Manga and Anime Society of Stirling University ~ Website gone, cannot locate alternative.
* Strathclyde Anime Society ~ Website gone, cannot locate alternative.
* Derry Anime & Manga Association ~ Merged with Magee Core society

* Cambridge University Comics & Anime Society ~ Updated web address
* University of Portsmouth Anime Society ~ Updated website URL
* Aberdeen Anime & Manga Society ~ Updated website URL
* Swansea University Manga & Anime Society ~ updated Website URL

Bedfordshire Anime ~ Society added
Oxford Anime Vision ~ Society added
Shefcos ~ Society added
Yorcos ~ Society added
UWE Anime Society ~ Society added
Cornwall Anime ~ Society added
Basingstoke Anime Society ~ Society added
SFFS ~ Society added
Shropshire's Anime & Manga Club ~ Society added
Anime League, London society ~ Society added
Manga Club at Milton Keynes ~ Society added