Anime Character Battles 2010/2011 - The Dynamic Finals

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It's a takeover of unscaled amounts, as we have all been waiting for too long. The forums demands justice be served and as Brigade Leader, I'm forcing a take-over on these battles, so we can finish it off!

So let us judge who is the mightiest warrior in this most pent-up and Ultra-Dynamic match!!

Introducing 1st, in the Deep-Azure corner, weighing at your typical high school student average (I say "Not enough muscle!!"). Hailing from North High School; He is lapdog of the SOS Brigade leader, Haruhi Suzumiya, and the most sarcastic competitor of the competition:
John "Kyon" Smith!!!

And his opponent, standing in the Flesh-Crimson corner, scaling at 6' 5", weighing over 1000 pounds of muscle (That's better!). From the Band of Hawks in Midlands; He is the Brute from Berserk:

They will do battle until Tuesday - 9th Aug and the thread will be locked on the evening. Votes will be suspended at 7pm UK time, even if the thread is still unlocked.
Let the wars begin!!

Thank God someone decided to take matters into their own hands. I was on the verge of doing this myself. I like that you called Kyon "John Smith" by the way.
The quick summery for those who aren't interested:
Kyon won comfortably - Kyon 10:5 Guts

The Match

Well, the arena is ready again for the Men's finals in this tournament. I'm Chaz, here again to commentate, and my special guest commentator is none-other than the 2-time Grand champion of the Character Battles Championships - Spike!

Yeah, yeah. Alright, I just speak into this right?

That's right. It's a privilege to have you here, and how excited are you for this-

Yawn. You know... Can we just get them out now? These battles don't give much money to us, and I've already wasted most of my winnings up. Women...

Erm... Sure thing. It looks like they're on their way now. And they're coming out together... And look at the difference in pure size and bulk. I can't see this being more than a one-hit-K.O.

Seriously?... Well, at least it'll be quick. I can make it back and sort out this bounty on the way home.

... Well, while my unfocused partner is getting his diary out for planning other things, The fighters are ready to start. And it's Kyon to make the 1st move... THE OTHER WAY!! Guts is stunned, but now gives chase. Well, this is certainly a different way to start a match, but not surprising!

Were you expecting maybe he'd stand his ground? Kyon's just a student with no real talent... It's his best bet for the time being.

At least look at the fight... Oh well, as Guts continues to strike down at the ground where Mr Smith was, Kyon is in a major panic trying as hard as possible to avoid each hit as well as the rubble Guts is throwing up.


Now it looks like Kyon is trying to talk with Guts, waving his hands for mercy. I believe... Yes, he has pulled out an old chessboard! He is suggesting to decide the contest with it!

Wake the hell up!! Or I aint giving you any of the sponsorship money!
... Do I have to say much?
Try to keep up at least...
Urgh, fine. Woah, hey, wait a minute...
And Guts has a look at the game... And has flung it towards us!!
Oh yeah! Gotcha! This is a relic from 10,000 years ago!! This is gonna get me a few more days at the docking bay.
Nice catch. I saw my life flash before me...

Anyways, with negotiations breaking down, Kyon's trying another idea... and... What? He's asking us if it's okay to change the landscape of the battle... What do we do?!

Not that I much care, but it seems the big man doesn't really care much.

So the challenge is accepted, but I have no idea how to-
They're gone...
No way! Anyone got a clue what's going on?
I could *gulp* ealp yoo owt *munch* uf yoo gummie aw hiah waisz
I wont ask which buffet you got all that from, but gimme the English of what you just said...
*Gulp* Let me access my ships cameras and I'll find them.
Okay but this could have already been over by now! If you can sort it out then let's get on wi-
Found them. They're in space with suits on...
... Well, I'm not sure what's going on, but we have a fight that seems to be based in the veil of space. And they're just floating around.

Guts looks like he has no idea how to approach this, and I doubt he has much knowledge, never mind experience dealing with space battles. And he doesn't look to great in a spacesuit either.

That's not the only thing he's gonna struggle with... Look what my spy camera's scoped out.

People... fans... It seems like we have an armada of miniature spaceships heading our way towards the fight. You're the space expert here, Spike, is this anything to do with you?

Nope. Not a damn bit of it, but it seems to be getting interesting.

I see it! Kyon actually has what I believe to be a remote control!! He has control of an entire fleet of space-ready battleships against a strongman with no experience in this environment what-so-ever! And in they go!!

The swarm is pelting laser beams at Guts! It's a matter of time before he's overrun by these nano-ships. But he's still swinging. And I believe he's getting the hand of moving in space! He's throwing his massive shouts to propel himself in one direction to another, swinging his sword against the swarm!

But to do that, he needs to open his helmet from time to time, and that'll take up oxygen. There's only so much in those suits.

That's right! Oh!! Looks like he's moving in for the kill!! Even with all those ships pelting him, he's moving closer towards Kyon for the deathblow!


Oh, he missed! Kyon just used the air burst from his suit to dodge...
... And he's getting ready to try again... But he can't! Guts is too close to Earth's Gravity!! He's being pulled back down, and very soon is going to burn through like a marshmallow in a furnace! How did such a spectacle as this tournament at what's supposed to be the highlight of it soon to be surely ending with a simple strafe?

I guess Kyon used those ships to distract him so that when Guts attack, he wasn't fully focused-
Pretty much like you and this fight, huh?
Right, job's done - Time to blow this joint...
...The hell?! We need to confirm his defeat ye-


Wow... What I think is what's left of Guts has just hit the floor of our arena... And just as suddenly as he disappeared moments ago, Kyon is back on the field too. He and the officials are checking the crater in the arena for any life.... Nope, he's well and truely dead. We'll revive him a lil' later for autographs.

Well, I would like to thank my co-commentator, but he's already left. Kyon is getting a huge slap on the back from his boss, Haruhi.

Well, there we have it! It's the SOS Brigade double with Haruhi as our ladies champion, and now the Character Battle Male Champion - John "Kyon" Smith!!!
Thank you for tuning in! (Wait... what do you mean his name isn't John Smith?)

Kyon: Cant believe that actually worked... Well, thanks for the life-saving assist...
Nagato: Not a problem...
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