ADV Films license Comic Party Revolution

ADV and their slim pickings - I can think of more deserving series that hasn't got licensed yet. I wonder what they are going to pick up next? They really need a big name and this isn't one of them.
Excitement level - Zero.


Death Scythe
Comic Party sounds like a fun show and from what I've heard in the past the franchise has quite a healthy fan following. Nevertheless it's a sequel to a retelling of a series - not the sort of A-list title that ADV are sorely in need of right now.

Laughing Manji

School Idol
I am not entirely sure what ADV are doing lately. My guess is that they are only licensing/releasing guaranteed successes. Its also likely that they are unwilling to play the bidding game any more, which would explain them losing TSR to FUNi. Most people would have considered FMP! to be a signature ADV title.

Comic Party has a fan following and I believe the original series sold well. In the anime market, fans and buyers of a first series are very likely to buy the second too, so Comic Party has good sales potential.

I am trying to see what ADV are going to do to get themselves a signature title - they still have Kurau Phantom Memory on the back burner. The sweet spot for most of their former A-list titles has elapsed.