1. D

    What is the name of this horror anime?

    I don't know if you know about this horror anime but can you tell me its name? Please tell me because I really want to find legal streaming services where I can watch this anime. This horror anime is about a scary demonic sorceress teenage girl. In the anime series, it's not explained why she...
  2. N

    Ticket to ride: Train to Busan trilogy simulwatch

    Hello, and welcome to the AUKN simulwatch of the Train to Busan movie trilogy! For the first time, an AUKN simulwatch makes the leap to the Media Discussion section of the forums. If you're new to simulwatching on AUKN and want to learn more, check out the Simulwatch schedule and suggestions...
  3. Bastino

    Bloody Mhika manga

    Synopsis: The Musipa clan was cursed with the "DEATH BY CHIKWAMBO" curse, destined to die by the hand of the beast, but Mudiwa Musipa found a solution. A solution that would save his family from despair and alter the fate of the world, but one that his son Munatsi will have to carry out to save...
  4. Professor Irony

    Anime Nasties: A Youtube (Mis)Adventure!

    My unsavoury pals from Ghastly Tales occasionally cajole me into contributing reviews of horror anime for their channel and we got a new episode up last night, covering Devilman's three main animated outings ahead of the upcoming Yuasa series due next year. Come marvel at what I actually look...
  5. nosmilingmilo

    My Anime Inspired Mixtape

    Hi there, I've recently recorded and released my latest mixtape and video. I produced, mixed, mastered and engineered the entire project by myself and recorded it in my dorm room with no budget. It took about 9 months to put this all together. I came up with a story line for the project, which...