My Anime Inspired Mixtape


Hi there, I've recently recorded and released my latest mixtape and video. I produced, mixed, mastered and engineered the entire project by myself and recorded it in my dorm room with no budget. It took about 9 months to put this all together. I came up with a story line for the project, which can be heard throughout the duration of the project; giving it a cinematic feel.

The sound of the project is inspired mostly from horrorcore, a sound i don't hear very much these days. I chose this sound because not only is it unique in today's climate of music but it best fits the mood and atmosphere of the project.

The animes that inspired this project were:
- Afro Samurai
- Evangelion
- Berserk
- Samurai Champloo
- Wicked City
Among others.

Two songs that give you a feel of the project:

1: Être Vigilant De La Vigilante (prod.somedeadguyssensei)

2: Kill The Kingpin (prod.somedeadguyssensei)

Full project if you wanna hear the concept album in it's entirety: Somewhere Violent

Video for the project:

Thanks for your time. I hope you enjoy.