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    Japan banning isps of file sharers!? No more RAWs!?

    I wonder how 2channel is reacting to all this. They must be going into overdrive. :mrgreen:
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    Illegal Downloaders to be Banned from Internet

    They could ban the entire internet I suppose, but then they'd be voted out of office faster than you can say "Facebook". :mrgreen:
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    Advent Children: Roses or rubbish?

    And I feel that's fine, I don't want to argue against that. You can't judge a film on anything more than whether you felt it was good or bad, same for everyone. But I don't think you can really judge it's "success" (for want of a better word) at being what it is by its reception by non-fans...
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    Illegal Downloaders to be Banned from Internet

    Hey, he told me I was his only business partner! You just want a piece of the pie for yourself huh? WELL I WON'T LET YOU!
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    Illegal Downloaders to be Banned from Internet

    Yeah, I just read this one as well. Oh yes, ISP's can totally dive through all content that everyone is downloading and define what is "illegal" and what "isn't" and serve you for being a bad person. Even the encrypted stuff. And of course there's no chance of legitimate sites, downloads...
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    Advent Children: Roses or rubbish?

    I'd have to disagree with that. It was always the creator's stated aim that this film would be for the fans, and they never even tried to hide that you would need the backstory from the game in order to really get the film. I can appreciate the fact that they made something for the fans if...
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    Games that are so bad they're good!

    Evil Dead: Regeneration. The combat was OK, but you really play this game for Bruce Campbell and the inevitable stream of cheesy oh-man-that-was-really-BAD one-liners that he spews (Anyone who's watched the Evil Dead trilogy knows what I'm talking about). And on that front, the game certainly...
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    Silent Hill (the original)

    I think all the Silent Hill games have tried to tread their own path, and I can appreciate that. They try to keep the core atmosphere and themes of the series, but aren't afraid to innovate. SH4 for example, isn't even set in Silent Hill. As for why people tend to love SH2, I think it's just...
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    Lucky Star opening (as done by Michael Jackson)

    EDIT: I just did a search and Youtubes of both can be found here and here if bandwidth is an issue on the following two. OK, first off, you probably won't get it unless you've seen the original intro (caution: BIG): <object codebase=""...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Company of Heroes, and Crysis. CoH is pretty much one of the most impressive RTS's I've ever played, they really nailed the atmosphere and the music in the singleplayer campaign. Can't wait to move on to the other campaigns. And Crysis is a pretty awesome sandbox shooter. How much fun you...
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    G.I. Joe on Anime Central.

    Well, here's to more Cobra chopper pilots and their automatic life saving parachutes. Health & Safety should really requisition those things for everyone.
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    Best Anime Fights!!!

    I think it's more funny when "Buussstaaarrr... Shieldo!" Turns out to be a big freaking cloak. Does he come with a hat too? "Buussstaaarrr... Gentalemanu!" *Don's Top hat, cloak and monocle* "Aye, top-o-th' mornin' to ye' hideous space monsters, The wee lass would like us to beat ye down...
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    Recommend me some "serious" series.

    Has anyone mentioned "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" yet? That's a really good series. Don't let the dated visuals or the sci-fi setting fool you either, you come this show for the characters and the storyline. It all basically centers around an age old conflict between the Galactic...
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    Bandai license two series & launch controversial rel. sched.

    I guess I should stop making "Portal" references. Oh well. N.B. In case you're wondering what I'm blathering about, that line is from a game called "Portal".
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    Bandai license two series & launch controversial rel. sched.

    Am I allowed to say "The cake is a lie" here?