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    London August 19th FINAL INFOS

    I won't be able to make it due to work. Sorry to tell you so late, but I only found out a short time ago. Enjoy yourselves though x
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    Ah! My Goddess

    This is a series I love, despite the patriarcal ideologies it promotes. What's wrong with Belldandy's personality? I think she comes across as the perfect otherworldy being, who is doing her best to grant K's wish.
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    AnimeUKNews top 10 animes (and top 10 fav anime list)

    1. Neon Genesis Evangelion 2. The Big O 3. Howl's Moving Castle 4. Nadesico 5. Bleach 6. Full Metal Panic! 7. Noir 8. Full Metal Alchemist 9. Whisper of the Heart 10. Gankutusuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
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    London Summer Meet 18th, 19th & 20th August

    I'd like to swing by at some point too, but I'm not sure of work dates on the Saturday, so I will probably be there, but won't know until closer to the date.
  5. N list UK release of Naruto

    A lot of people - myself included - moan about the lack of boxsets coming out in the UK. This release is something for those people to support and rally behind. I'll certainly be picking this up.
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    LAME* 2006 on July 1st

    You've probably been told Duckie, but images in sigs don't go down well here. As far as this meet-up goes, I'll see where I stand after exams. The only thing is that then I'd have to go to a new forum and meet a load of new people... but the name didn't really swing it for me. I don't want...
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    American producers look to remake Battle Royale

    The sad thing is that it'll probably be a hit at the box office the same as those other films, and then, the inevitable sequel will emerge. I should think they'll only take the "bunch-of-schoolkids-with-weapons-on-a-desert-island" theme and probably tone the violence down a bit to appeal to a...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    I'm on the sixth and final volume of The Big O, and I think I'm a little closer to uncovering the "truth" of Paradigm City now ^^
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    *Sigh* The only bad thing about the manga is that you have to wait until Tokyopop release more before you can read on... In Japan the series is around 19 volumes, I think - and the US has 13 out, and I believe the TV series only used up to about volume 6, so there is a load story more to tell...
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    Welcome to the forums vicki. It's always nice to see new members, and you've got some pretty solid anime choices too. I hope enjoy it here and post lots ^^ If you have any problems don't hesitate to ask.
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    Adult Swim UK to be on Bravo on July 8

    Lies, it's all lies. Whatever intertextual references you may or may not have picked up are all lies. The Big O is the only anime out there which has not been influenced by any before it - and it certainly wouldn't use a voice actor who has done work on another show... and you thought that in...
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    Expo October - Room List

    I'm unsure of what'll be going on as regards Uni at that time, but chances are I'll be able to make it without any problems. I'd like to stay over on the Saturday night if possible too, so if I could be noted in italics as coming on Saturday and staying, then that would be great.
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    *.::October Cos-Play::.*

    :idea: Dragonball Z... :idea:
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    Adult Swim UK to be on Bravo on July 8

    We could get "The Big O" - but then, that would mean Adult Swim would actually have to notice the show exists... They could bring on Big O though, seriously. Then we could have Roger Smith and his giant robot on UK TV again...
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    Summer Meetup

    Going up North sounds good. How many people from further up the country would be able to make it to a place like Manchester if we did all get the train from London? What kind of numbers are we talking about?