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    Shades of Otogizoushi here. I like. That seems to be the opinion of most - April had a great start. Theres plenty of other stuff out there too: - Lucky Star is great. This time a new dance. Though I think they have upped the challenge in this version. The YouTubers are going to need some...
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    Most expensive Gundam ever ... -uh-socks/ Can anyone identify the specific Gundam?
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    BT launches limited legal anime download service

    Considering at that price, the individual DVDs represent better value. £3.50 is practically price parity with a DVD nowadays, and DVDs have the following to boot: - play on your exiting playback equipment, not just the PC you downloaded it on - can be loaned to friends - can be re-sold -...
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    Watched some more Kanon -really enjoying it now, and I am up to the end of Mai's arc.
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    Yeah, thats what I thought, its a sequence that you cannot conveniently cut without totally changing it. Its the boxset version I have. Considering how the entire episode played out (the characters were in a suicide pact and were continually frustrated in their attempts to carry this out) it...
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    A good short series?

    Planetes, 5 volumes, Hard Sci-fi Azumanga Daioh, 4 volumes, comedy Gunsmith Cats, 4 volumes (new printing), Action, Crime, Mature themes Ode to Kirihito, single volume, Thriller, Medical, Mature themes Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole do Ciel, 5 volumes, Mecha, Gundam
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Remote is excellent. I really like that one. Art is so-so and variable, but the characters are very good and theres a great sense of pace and tension. On holidays recently so I had the opportunity to read a lot more stuff: - Cheeky Angel 16 - still a fun series - Battle Angel Alita Last...
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    Favourite Anime couple

    Not a romantic thing, but I have always liked the partnership between Pazu and Sheeta in Laputa. I can't recall a good romantic couple that hasn't been mentioned already. Anime tends to make for some stupidly cliche couples. Though I am sure I am overlooking a great couple. Its been done...
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    What old anime is everyone currently watching?

    I need to watch the Ideon movie, after watching the end of the series. I also need to finish the Armored Trooper VOTOMs last volume. Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Touch and Maison Ikkoku have been on my to watch list for a long time too.
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    Finished Paranoia Agent - excellent series. I am curious though what sections of the infamous 'hanging' scene was cut. And the second OVA of Freedom (very good). Not sure what to watch next despite catching up with some of the usual fansubs that I have fallen behind on. Like Nodame, Code...
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    Othello is Tanoshimi's otaku choice for the UK

    I think it is more likely that existing Genshiken fans are already heavily invested in importing US Del Rey titles. Notice that the Wallflower, the other heavily popular title in that list didn't top the heap. With overall numbers that small in the poll (the most surprising thing really) you...
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    Who hates Kanon?

    Kanon was only okay up until the end of Makoto's arc. I thought that was great, but sad.
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    Haibine Renmai - Any good?

    Haibane Renmai: one of my favourites. It *is* artistic, but doesn't use that excuse to make an un-engaging story. The individual characters are easy to warm to and there are some unforgettable classic anime moments here. There are very few anime that you can directly compare it to, and it...
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    Your viewing journal

    Just the usual staples for myself: Nodame Cantabile : 3 & 4 Code Geass : 15 & 16 Good stuff all round really.