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    things you like/dislike about..........

    Ok! The name of a show and what I like/love about it & what I dislike/hate about it- Sohryuden, Legend of the Dragon Kings likes- 1, love the characters they are really nice. They are also designed pretty good. 2, the way they put mythology into the modern-day story. dislikes-...
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    Yup you're right Irony. I was getting mixed up with Studio E-Go! staff.
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    what you up to this christmas

    I'll be helping dad cook the food over Christmas and then in new year we're going to a Medieval banquet (don't ask me where, I didn't arrange it myself)! Which reminds me I have to get my cards and presents ready soon. Anime wise I guess I'll carry on with Tears To Tiara, Kanon was a...
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    Probably a daft question :/

    What Ayase said^^
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    Podcast Goes Fourth...with Helen McCarthy!

    I just listened to it on the link. Anime getting worse is a topic that I've been wondering about for a long time because I definitely think anime is getting more static, however I think the directing is getting back on track again. I don't want anime sanitized to the point that there is no...
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    Anime guitar covers

    The awesome rendition of To Zanarkand was by Youtube user oldwhtman.
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    Anime guitar covers

    There are loads of anime & game guitar covers on Youtube appearing from all over the world. I really like the FFX To Zanarkand cover!
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    British 'Manga' - Eagle & Battle Comics

    The Eagle is amazing! I guess my fave 'manga' would be Bunty for Girls.
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    Madoka Magica Project

    Love the typeface!
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    Natsuiro Kiseki (Summer Coloured Miracle) Anime

    Hourglass of Summer Colours (夏色の砂時計, Natsuiro no Sunadokei) came out as an anime many years ago, 2004 I think it was. It featured a time travelling girl and was set over 2 OVAs. It will be interesting to see the remake because this is one of my favourite animes.
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    Ys Origin recieves translation

    It doesn't seem to be, however, fans of Falcom are happy about the translation and the possibility it could prompt more translated releases.
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    Ys Origin recieves translation

    If u happen to be a Falcom collector like me there's a new fan patch in English for Ys Origin, it's the only one available for this game so make the most of it^^
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    Crunchyroll Autumn 2011 Line Up

    S...'Squid Girl!!?' Loved Hunter X Hunter, loved its original game too^^
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    Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

    I've been asking around and it seems that the Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu series has no association with Falcom's games like Legend Of Heroes, which is suprprising considering the music quality^^ The UK needs more stuff like this.
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    Story vs. Plot

    Plots don't exist any more. The last good plot I saw was in a Humphrey Bogart film. :cry: But (and some of you might be interested) there's a device called the Freytag Pyramid which is used for making plots and the Japanese may use a different model. I think anime makes up for it by...