Zavvi Question?


Magical Girl
If I pre order something from zavvi and pay with paypal will paypal try to take the funds from my bank straight away or will it happen on the dispatch day as I dont have enough in my bank at the moment.
When I pre-ordered High School DxD (Blu-ray) with Zavvi it didn't take the money from my PayPal until the release date...

BUT when I tried pre-ordering Fate/Zero part 1 (Blu-ray) after backing the Patema Inverted UE Zavvi "refused" to let me pre-order it due to not having enough money at the time of pre-ordering...

So... if you don't have enough money I believe you won't be able to submit your order. You could always try it.. But I believe it's one of those interesting flaws of PayPal.
Then again, it's better than some other sites that just take the money right away at the time of pre-ordering.
(And of course, this is all under the assumption nothing changed since I pre-ordered High School DxD earlier this year)
The preorder was successfull it just says pending on my paypal, just hope they dont try to take the money from my bank as I only have £20 at the moment and the item is £82