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Astro Note Episode 1 A new resident.

Ayakashi Triangle (Uncensored) Episode 11-12 (Complete. Kentaro Yabuki's latest adaption that made for quite the amusing watch with it's blend of supernatural and genderswapped fanservice antics.) 3.5/5

Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers
Episode 1 Seems like this might be a decent watch.

Isekai Onsen Paradise (Uncensored) Episode 1-12 (Complete. A series of laid-back fanservice shorts.) 3/5

Metallic Rouge
Episode 12 Hole.

Sengoku Youko Episode 13 (Complete... for now. A solid first season for which I'll be looking forward to second.) 3.5/5

Unnamed Memory
Episode 1 Cursed lineage.
He Is My Master episodes 6-12: the craziness continued right to the end. Good fun series as long as you block from you mind the inconvenient fact that they are all supposed to be 13-14 years old. They are all drawn and act much older anyway. The nudity was "sanitised" right up until the final scene when some nipples appeared in the bath.
The Banished Former Hero Lives as He Pleases ep1: This show is peak low-effort isekai filler content. The entire plot is as per the title, though rather than living as he pleases in the slow-life subgenre as advertised, the former hero immediately rescues some useless, blushing women from some comically badly-animated hounds made from crumbly plaster and then goes off to fight monsters for them while they goggle breathlessly from the sidelines. The banishment elements are wishy-washy too because there were references made to heroes being betrayed, which set things up for an edgy revenge show, except that the hero is actually banished by a complete stranger (narratively) five minutes after being reincarnated and goes along with the humiliation perfectly happily. So the banishment doesn't feel important (or even relevant), as the lead actively wants to be an overpowered munchkin masquerading as a low level NPC. Now that I think about it I'm not even 100% sure that this is an isekai at all because the series doesn't seem to care about internal consistency or properly establishing whether the world the hero came from is elsewhere, he just goes with the flow and seems to fit in perfectly well in the generic fantasy setting. At least the show's shoddy animation occasionally made us laugh, though we were always laughing at it rather than with it.

A Condition Called Love ep1: This season's shoujo romance (no-mance?) is already much better than last season's A Sign of Affection - which is probably a controversial opinion (sorry). While the latter had the more unusual concept and the study of deafness was genuinely interesting, A Condition Called Love has two central characters with their own objectives and glaring red flag issues to deal with right from the beginning, so it's captured my drama-seeking imagination much more readily. The lead is unsure about whether she can actually feel romance but curious enough that she can't completely ignore the dodgy boy from her school who keeps pestering her to go out with him, in a way that would come across as deeply creepy (and sometimes veers very close!) were it not for the fact that he's clearly an inexperienced schoolkid as well. What I find compelling is that he's initially attracted to her because she talks to him like an actual person instead of flirting or acting like she has an agenda; this is one of my own preferred romantic fantasies (and one that is often unfulfilled both in anime and the real world). The characters are, in many ways, products of the different ways that children of different genders are socialised growing up and as a result they stand out amongst their peers for not fitting in; both Hotaru and Hananoi-kun have unrealistic expectations of romance and are coming at the same problem from completely opposing directions. It's an interesting subject to explore and I hope that they'll both figure things out together, whether or not their relationship actually ever goes anywhere romantically.

Stella Women's Academy High School Division C3 episodes 6-12: This got weird. Right after making a mistake that enabled her team to win a big competition, our lead suddenly changed schools and joined the mail rival's team without telling her teammates. Then she goes back to the old school but is too embarrassed to apologise. Plus we have this team of action hero shoot-em-up girls who all turn into screaming babies at the mere sight of a cockroach. There were parts of the series I enjoyed but I'm not a big fan of gun-based games so I doubt this will be gracing my shelves for too long.

Oh, and the back of the case proclaims "her classmates are gunning for her ... but at least it's friendly fire", thus proving whoever wrote that does not know what friendly fire is.
An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride episodes 1-2 Talk talk.

A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics episode 1 Readjusting.

Dungeon Meshi episode 14 Dishonoured footsteps.

The Witch and the Beast episode 12 World full of monsters. (Complete. A solid series that felt like it was just getting started by the end, so hopefully we get more.) 3.5/5

Yuru Camp△ Season 3
episode 1 Past and present.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO episodes 11-13 & OVA (Complete. An enjoyable watch that has encouraged me to watch the rest.) 3.5/5

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!
episodes 1-8
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An Archdemon's Dilemma - How to Love Your Elf Bride ep1: Lame. The entire concept of this series is obviously toxic: a 'demon king' buys an enslaved elf girl at auction after falling in love with he looks, and then proceeds to repeatedly traumatise her by fumbling every conversation with her back at his creepy secondhand castle. And before that, there was a terrible introductory scene (as there is in every series of this type, it feels) where we are shown that the lead is a good guy at heart because he saves a weak woman from being slain by a rapist, and then resists sacrificing her as his only friend suggests. But none of that's why I'm dropping this show; I'm dropping it because it's simply not entertaining and I had higher expectations for a 'demon king' than a reskinned 12 year old human schoolboy who happens to know high level magic. The best character was the awful best friend because at least he'd committed fully to his 'evil sorcerer' lifestyle. It's annoying because in spite of all of the red flags I think that the ingredients of this series could have become something entertaining in the hands of a more worldly creator, but instead it's just awkward, unnatural dialogue and a narcissistic loner internally monologuing about the person he supposedly loves (but treats like garbage). At least the series looks decent enough; it's got the Banished Hero show squarely beaten there.

Wind Breaker ep1: I wanted to dislike this because of it's goofy name but the show is simple-minded good fun, following an outcast who aspires to climb his way up the pecking order at a new school with a bad reputation. Things don't quite turn out the way he planned but there's no shortage of decently-animated brawling and the distinctive designs are appealing as well. It earns a second episode. I'm a sucker for delinquents with hearts of gold.

Bartender (remake) ep1: Mixed feelings. I liked the melodramatic 'he made the perfect drink for this situation' reveals but they play second fiddle in this first episode to the silly plot about recruiting a new bartender, and the insightful conversations really aren't that deep either. The insanely detailed reproductions of real drinks don't mean much to a lifelong non-drinker so I'm relying on the script to do all of the heavy lifting, whereas I can imagine that somebody who knows their alcohol will be appreciating the appealing visuals as well. Bartender is not bad but it doesn't stand out enough for me to want to keep up with it, especially when I have the original version still guiltily unwatched on my shelf. One for a rainy day, perhaps. It's a shame it's hidden away on Crunchyroll because my parents would enjoy Bartender and I'd have liked to recommend it to them.

Astro Note episode 1 Good food.

Nijiyon Animation 2 episode 1 Rebel.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime Season 3 episode 49 Pudding and power.

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 episode 40 New faces.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax! episodes 9-12 & OVA (Complete. A strong final season that ended in a satisfying way.) 4/5

episodes 1-13, NANBAKA 2 episodes 14-19
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HIGHSPEED Étoile Episode 1

KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 2

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3 Episode 49

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Episode 1
Fortune Favours Lady Nikuko: delightful movie about a mother and her daughter living in a small town. Some good surprises along the way, good characters and very enchanting visuals. Sadly, all the Japanese puns and wordplay probably lost a bit in translation.

Classicaloid: Not sure I'll be making it all the way through this weird series. Was hoping for some actual music and not just a bunch of freeloading deadbeats infesting the house of this schoolgirl, to the background of some truly awful butchering of classical music. It doesn't help when all the dialogue is shouted. I'll try and make it through episode 3 and see if my teeth have stopped being gritted in anger.
Wolf’s Rain Complete
STTTTTRRRAYYYY, STTRRRAYYYYYYYYAAYYYYAAYYY! Not sure if this will ever leave my head. A strange show where I always enjoyed watching several episodes in a row but then forget I enjoy it, then have to force myself to watch it, then enjoy it and the cycle continues.

I think my main reason is the dreary grey and brown tones used in the art. They totally suit the show and the mood but after a few hard days, having to watch something like this rather than colourful cheery Space Dandy is a little wearing on the soul. That said, the character design is my wheelhouse. The architecture and overall aesthetic is excellent too. I guess those muddy tones and just a drag on my mindset, it’s me and not you.

The story was maybe a little slow in pace (and I skipped the recap episodes) but overall interesting with some cool themes. Once a clearer idea of where it was going, came along, I definitely knew I would be in to the end.

Overall, it was a great series of that I feel value in watching. Just maybe I think my mind needed more of a good time anime to watch right now. 🌖 out of 🌕
Delicious in Dungeon ep14

This is starting to feel a lot more plot-driven now in ways that make watching one episode a week unsatisfying, so I think I’ll pause this one for a while and let a few episodes build up before coming back to it. I still don’t know how to feel about them having upped the threat level either. It’s like it’s making googlie eyes at Berserk all of a sudden and I’m not keen for that.

Bang Bravern ep8-10

Welp. This is certainly the first I’ve shouted ‘oh **** off’ at a plot development in quite a while, but full marks for originality. Slightly wondering if Bravern might have benefitted from being two cours to give to it more time to flesh out the characters - there’s a lot of interesting designs in the side cast, but most of them have little to do.

Suzuka ep1

Starting to see more of the ex-Funi shows popping up in the CR recommendations now. I remember this seemingly quite by-the-book romance having its champions, and the key art is quite nice, but honestly, I found it so painful I couldn’t make it to the end of the episode. It’s like someone loaded ChatGPT with all your worst early 2000s anime tropes and made it write a harem show. It’s not helped by the CR stream looking like a dog-rough DVD rip either. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner, crying into a copy of Maison Ikkoku.
My mother and I watched today:

Villainess Level 99 Episodes 9-12 (End). A happy ending for all - except the Demon Lord, lol.
Spice and Wolf (2008) Episode 1. I'll have to see if my mother will like this series, or if it will be too slow or boring for her.