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At this rate, Christmas will burn
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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer (Japanese audio) - Film

And that's the 00 Gundam franchise sorted (there's the recap OVAs but I'll be passing on those due to time constraints). I was quite surprised by how much I had enjoyed this Gundam show, as there's a lot of really interesting elements to it. The main cast is pretty solid with plenty of character growth/development, and the general goals made sense.

The only issue I would have is that the animation at times was not consistent and there are some characters not properly developed or lack a proper role in the story for various aspects. In fact the series as a whole has a ton of characters but it's done well enough to avoid the same hole that Gundam Reconguista in G had where you can tell which faction is which and what their role is within this series.

As for Wakening of the Trailblazer, it was very enjoyable and feels like a horror film at times due to the portrayal of the antagonists, however it's story isn't always there due to the 'last minute explanation' trope and a post-credit scene that gave me vibes of Valvrave and Gargantia mashed together so I'm not a big fan of that.

Overall the main series gets a strong 8/10 while the film is a decent 7/10. I can now understand why Nozomi gave the series the deluxe treatment in the US.

The remaining Gundams left in my Blu-ray backlog currently are Gundam F91, Turn-A Gundam, Gundam SEED and Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Would be nice if Anime Ltd can speed up the Gundam releases next year so that I have enough extensive knowledge to go into the games more.

For my anime backlog watch, I hope to watch 8-12 more titles before I start delving into the Autumn 2021 simulcasts. Probably will focus more on single cour shows since I have a lot of them, but if I'm in the right mindset I may watch another 2-cour series.


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takt op.Destiny episode 7 An ideal world?

Monogatari Series Second Season episodes 21-26 (Complete. An engaging set of arcs which made for an enjoyable watch.) 4/5

Monogatari Final Season: Tsukimonogatari episodes 1-4
& Monogatari Final Season: Owarimonogatari episodes 1-6

Professor Irony

Yawara ep13

City Hunter ep23-24 (rewatch)

A neat touch that completely passed me by previously is how much the opening part of 23 riffs on Castle of Cagliostro, with a woman in a bridal dress commandeering Ryo’s car while she’s being chased by armed goons.


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Shadow Skill: Yeah, not my type of anime. Full of arena battles, very little character development, animation mainly consisting of still shots with the camera moving across. Watched the movie but decided not to continue with the 50 minute "epilogue". Interested to see that the English audio was done in Cardiff! Which sort of explains the terrible American accents.

Dark Myth: started well with a very heavy history lesson about the early Japanese gods but descended into a bloodbath, with lots of body parts strewn across the landscape and some sub-2001 galactic finale. Oh well.

Urusei Yatsura 4 - Lum The Forever: finally something to laugh about. Still have no idea what's going on, but I think that's par for the course in this series. Hard to tell where the dreams end and reality returns. Ends with a huge tank/fighter battle across the town. No idea why. We also get a preview of the next movie, which I shall watch tomorrow.

If anyone is interested, I have put most of the DVDs I have watched so far on eBay (or given to a charity shop, depending on rarity).


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Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside episode 7 Protect yourself.

The Heike Story episode 10 Another story to tell.

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat episode 7 Moisturiser.

Monogatari Final Season: Owarimonogatari episodes 7-12 & Monogatari Final Season: Koyomimogatari episodes 1-12
Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside (English Dub) Episode 5

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S (English Dub) Episode 11

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season Part 2 (English Dub) Episode 48 (Complete)

Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside Episode 7

The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Episode 7

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat Episode 7


Seitokai Yakuindomo season 1
Absolutely hilarious. For a show that's 90% innuendo it works far to well.

Goblin Slayer rewatch
Brilliant and brutal series!

Goblin Slayer Goblins Crown
Real shame that the first 25mins of this 85min film is just a series recap. Once things get going it's a wild ride. Some of the action was pretty stunning.


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SAKUGAN episode 7 Delirium.

The Aquatope on White Sand episode 20 Planning.

Monogatari Final Season: Owarimonogatari Second Season episodes 13-15 & Monogatari Final Season: Zoku Owarimonogatari episodes 1-6 (Complete. That was quite the ride working my way through this expansive franchise and I generally found it entertaining and enjoyable.) 4/5

Professor Irony

The Dragon From Russia (1990)

Much to my amusement, I didn’t realise until a good 15-20 minutes in that this is actually a Hong Kong live-action adaptation of classic hitman manga Crying Freeman. The film is often criticised for squeezing comedy scenes into a serious story, but I think it kinda works here; it’s a surprisingly fun take on the slightly po-faced material, and benefits from some impressive location shooting in Russia (surely one of the last overseas films to do so before the collapse of the USSR). My only complaint is that I think, without prior knowledge of the story, it might be difficult to follow - the producers saw fit to cut nearly an hour from the initial version, apparently losing a lot of explanatory dialogue in the process.


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Baka and Test Series 1: very silly but fun. I was worried after the first episode that is was going to be ranking battles, but they went in a different direction. I still have questions about the whole concept (so I bought the second series last night just to find out). :)
Street Fighter Alpha: Oh dear. Many thing I could say about this, but I fear there could be fans of the franchise out there (just as there must be fans of the Transformer movies, or they wouldn't keep churning them out). I decided I didn't need to watch Street Fighter II.
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Death and Rebirth: Not a bit fan of this franchise (sorry, but I prefer comedy), but who was this aimed at? Anyone watching it without having seen the series would be totally mystified, while people who enjoy the series would prefer to watch the series again rather than this highlights reel.


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Let’s Make a Mug Too episode 8 Performances.

Selection Project episode 8 Heart.

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale episode 7 Sensei.

Mr. Osomatsu episodes 2-19
Restaurant to Another World Season 2 (English Dub) Episode 3

Let's Make a Mug Too 2 Episode 8

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 Episode 8

Selection Project Episode 8

Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The Great Mankai Chapter Episode 8


Thousand Master
Eromanga Sensei Episodes 1 -12

Interesting set-up for a series, little bit of fan service but nothing that over the top (excluding a couple scenes in the last episode).

I assume both their parents died in an accident leaving the two minors in charge of an unseen person


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Urusei Yatsura 5 - The Final Battle: I understood (most of) the plot for once! Very much a recapitulation of the beginning of the series (from Wikipedia as the actual episodes are hard to find). One more movie to go after this.
Inu Yasha episodes 1-12: Quite enjoyable start to a series that runs to over 190 episodes and 4 movies. Do I want to spend around £200 to see the whole thing on BluRay? Hmmm. If I want a quest to reunite shattered fragments of a spell/object, I could always revisit Tsubasa or Those Who Hunt Elves, couldn't I? Something to think about once I've watched the last of my current pending pile.


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Final Fantasy VII - Dirge Of Cerberus: Obviously a cheap Chinese rip-off copy filmed in a cinema, I think, as the English subtitles are barely visible at the bottom of the screen. Lasted two minutes. Not even worth inflicting on a charity shop.

Urusei Yatsura 6 - Always My Darling: Ah, has there ever been a tale involving a love potion that doesn't go embarrassingly wrong? Good finale to the movie set.

Kanon episodes 13-24: I think they sacked the subtitlers halfway though this set as suddenly Nayuki was Michelle or Ming Xue, Yuichi was anything from Yum Cha to Lord, and Shiori somehow became Violin! Spelling, typos and just wrong translations, yet it still packed an emotional punch. Must buy a decent copy. And I'll just warn you it's definitely a box of tissues job for the series. PS Maybe if the girls wore appropriate winter clothing, they wouldn't get sick so often.


Final Fantasy VII - Dirge Of Cerberus: Obviously a cheap Chinese rip-off copy filmed in a cinema, I think, as the English subtitles are barely visible at the bottom of the screen. Lasted two minutes. Not even worth inflicting on a charity shop.
as far as I know Dirge of Cerberus was only a game released on the PS2 Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII - Wikipedia

only films done for Final Fantasy 7 are Advent Children and Last Order Compilation of Final Fantasy VII - Wikipedia