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Watched volume 6 of GitS:SAC 2nd GIG (don't you just hate using those two acronyms?). Pretty solid with some nice action and good build up towards a final conclusion. Slightly disappointed somehow though, last series had more thunder. Either way, still great.
Rukario said:
Franky does a lot more later on. Burning the Pluton documents is just the warm up to his awesomeness.

The song was good, but it didn't even have any good feel, I mean Brand New World stuck to the current events well and was a real good song. Since Crazy Rainbow is a spoiler free intro and is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. o_o Also, lmao @ them re-using the animation for Nico Robin from Brand New World at the end.
Yeah! but it prevents any spoilers! I must admit I liked Brand New World almost as much as We Are! and it was a shame it only lasted a few episodes. Although I rather liked the strange seiyuu version of We Are! that was used for the recap episodes (280-283) ^__^


I started on the 2nd boxset of Wolf's Rain last night. I think I should have re-watched the 1st, as I only vaguely remember the events of what came before!
I like Wolf's Rain, but the whole time I'm watching I feel oppressed! It's like a wave of depression the whole time, as you know nothing good is ever gonna happen in this anime
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Behind the times - yes - but got round to watching the legendary Akira - haven't quite decided what I think of it yet - wasn't helped by watching it whilst my eyelids where doing there best to get in the way, ended up finishing it the following morning - still, there's definitely some interesting ideas in there and I think it could be worth a second viewing.

Elfen Lied - Disc 2, Ep.5-7 - really starting to get hooked into this - the haunting opening music seems to get under your skin the more times you hear it, just a shame about the slightly cheesy closing number seems to destroy a little of the atmosphere that has developed imo.
The mystery of Lucy and her kind’s origin is being strung along nicely and I like the fact you never know quite when she is going to turn ‘evil’ and slice up anyone in her 2-metre catchment-zone!
Who would have thought they would make a joke involving the use of artificial limbs – or was that just my twisted sense of humour?
Yesterday/Today I watched One Piece eps 112-130, Keroro Gunso ep 63, Black Lagoon ep 17, Otogi Jushi Akazukin ep 16, Pumpkin Scissors ep 6, Red Garden ep 4, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto ep 4 and Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori ep 3.

Edit: Today I watched One Piece eps 131-135, Bleach ep 102, Akagi ep 21, Sumomomo Momomo ep 5, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin ep 4, Shounen Onmyouji ep 3 and La Corda d'Oro ep 2.

Edit2: Today I watched Naruto ep 209, One Piece eps 136-143, Welcome to the NHK ep 18, The Gargoyle of the Yoshinagas ep 4 and Shounen Onmyouji ep 4.

Edit3: Today I watched One Piece eps 144-152 and Movie 4, The Third ep 22 and .hack//Roots ep 1 (dub).
Jimi-Jam said:
just a shame about the slightly cheesy closing number seems to destroy a little of the atmosphere that has developed imo
thats what the fast forward button is for. But it is great series (if a little O.T.T. in the corn syrup department) try and find the single episode OVA as it does kinda fill in many gaps.
Finished last two DVD's of Gundam Seed... hmm. In many respects reminded me of the ending of Nadesico. the war wasn't won, but they could do little but growl at each other. The deaths easily predicted except Badgiruel, was kinda expecting her to survive, but she had a good death
Also seen the freebies from Newtype USA. Guyver looks good, slick animation, and lots of familiar voices on the VA list. The others were forgetable at best.
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Been watching a bunch of stuff recently.

I am up to Red Garden - ep3 which is very interesting indeed. Unusual in many ways (like the singing) but it has caught my attention.

I am getting hooked into Kanon now at episode 6 (up to date at time of writing). For anyone on the fence about this show, the big Kanon fans state that if episode 6 doesn't do it for you, you can tune out now. Yuuichi is well established as a likeable character - poking fun on the girls, sarcastic as hell, and I am getting a big chuckle out of the hazing/counter-hazing between himself and Makoto. The series has dropped its first hints at some of its more serious moments (Ayu x Nayuki x Makoto).

Finished out some series that I had on the long finger for a while.

I am also getting more into Rescue Wings. Its just a very good show. The drama is good, with the lead's frustration self evident, I like the secondary characters too, and when the show gets deadly serious its simply brilliant. I had a good chuckle when the lead got a ribbing over his girlfriend's odd dialect.

Not really up to speed on the new season at all however.
Since my access to the net is limited right now I've been watching more DVDs lately. I've picked up the rest of the original Bubblegum Crisis OAVs, which are pretty darned good after the rather lacklustre nature of the first three or four instalments.

Gasaraki is proving to be a tad slow and the characters a little cold but otherwise it's a well-made and intriguing show. The politics are thoughtfully written, there's a nice mystical element thrown in and the mecha desins are superb. It's a really serious but mature piece of science fiction - sadly forgotten and hard to find unless you do what I did and go R1 and/or second hand.

The first disc of Speed Grapher impressed me too - easily as weird as the likes of Paranoia Agent but even more shocking! The animation starts off impressive but falls off in quality quite quickly; fortunately the premise is an interesting one. Cynical social commentry, bloody violence and scenes that you wouldn't show to your parents...all in an extremely well-presented box. If and when it gets released in the UK it'll make quite a splash (read: controversy).
Yesterday/Today I watched One Piece eps 153-160, Keroro Gunso ep 64, Nana eps 28&29, Black Lagoon ep 18, Otogi Jushi Akazukin ep 17, Guyver ep 15, Rockman.EXE Beast ep 7, Code Geass ep 5 and Red Garden ep 5.
Yesterday I watched Jigoku Shoujo 2, Pumpkin Scissors 2, Inukami! 1. So far Jigoku Shoujo is by far the best, but I have several episodes of Pumpkin Scissors to look forward to over the next few days :D
It is about a guy called Toshihiko who is part of a secret dojo called the Kifuuken. Their job is to hunt and kill a race of cannibalistic monsters called Shokujinki. However Toshihiko falls in love with a woman named Yuka who is later found to be a Shokujinki. They both flee the Kifuuken and it is left to Toshihiko to try and protect Yuka.

The series is directed by Masaaki Yuasa who is better known for directing the fantastic movie 'mind game.' The series has a very striking animation style and is a mixture of action, romance and lots of comedy. There are some scenes of nudity/sex but this is by no means hentai!
Today I finished both Elfen Lied and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. Elfen Lied was completely different to what I was expecting, but I really enjoyed it, a lot more than I thought I would, in fact. The trailers gave the impression it was going to be a cheesy gore fest, but the series itself is quite a deep and thoughtful horror/thriller that goes to some quite unexpected and disturbing places.
Ryo Chan said:
mbygons said:
I just watched kemonozume 12 and Code Geass 5. Kemonozume has been fantastic, i would highly recommend it!

i considered looking at it but it went past me, what's it about/like?

It's horrid! The animation is best left undescribed, as I know a lot of people seem to like it, but my 3 year olds scribbles are more artistic :lol:
The storyline doesn't hold water (episode 3 had more contradictions that a 10 year olds school debate). It's a love it or hate it anime and I detest it :lol:


I watched the 6th One Piece movie today and that's best left undescribed as well. I'll just say I'm not a happy bunny :(
Over the past few days I watched Naruto ep 210, One Piece eps 161-174, Bleach ep 103, Akagi ep 22, Aria The Natural ep 17, Le Chevalier D'Eon ep 10, Pumpkin Scissors ep 7, Death Note ep 7, Sumomomo Momomo ep 6 and Hataraki Man ep 3.
Yesterday/Today I watched One Piece eps 175-189, Zegapain eps 24&25, Code Geass ep 6, Shounen Onmyouji ep 5, Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi ep 4 and La Corda d'Oro ep 3.
watched episodes 16-20 of Mai Hime (i forgot how depressing episode 20 was :( ) while continuing through gundam seed destiny, only 10 eps to go.

The lack of anime this season may leave me disapointed, but atleast as soon as i'm done with gundam seed i can work through Fate/stay night