What's your car?


School Idol
Since I'm a Japanaholic or whatever you want to call such a thing, it's only natural that I have a Japanese car. It's a Suzuki Ignis Sport, bit rare on these shores but that's what I like about it - a proper small Japanese car! :twisted:
Nissan Almera. A Japanese car bought before I even liked anime. :p

It's actually my mum's, but I seem to drive it just as much as her.
Yeah!. . . .i don't own a car, and the ones that my parents are using; kinda aren't ours either, they belong to family members.

Don't Buy A Land Rover.
Tried to buy myslef an Evo VI (my fave model) last year when I was buying a car but the insurance was insane for me so I now have a renault Laguna

Although I prefer my bikes to cars and did have a Kawasaki Ninja, however I am now shopping for a Yamaha R1
ford fiesta

But what i really want is ford mustang shelby GT500, Aston Martin DB9 or a mini

I'll probably never afford the gt500 or db9 but i can but dream
The GT500, why dude, its name is a lie as it doesn't even have 500hp....

Why not combine your two loves like I have, if I could have any muscle type car apart form the Mitsubishi Evo, it would be Aston Martin V8 Vantage pictured below

Peugeot 306 - getting a bit old now but its still fun throwing it around on a twisty bit of tarmac.

If I was to turn Japanese I would be very tempted by the Nissan 350Z - and I thought this before Fifth Gear gave the new model a resounding thumbs up on the last show.

Don’t get me started on all the other cars I might like given the money – I am indeed a closet-petrolhead.
McIcy said:
The GT500, why dude, its name is a lie as it doesn't even have 500hp....

The reason i would get a Gt500 my good friend is simple, well in my mind at least. I Have always had a love for Mustangs. I just love the Sound the engine makes as it travels down the road.


I Don't really care that it doesn't have 500hp
A Citroen Saxo - it ain't much but it gets me from A to B. Since it's my first year of owning a car the insurance is astronomical so I'm just glad for a set of wheels that's reliable! It's pretty economical too.