whats ya ringtone?

Ringtone - Chain from Air Gear

Message - Adventure, Excitement, A Jedi Craves Not These Things - Silent Bob in Mallrats
I think it's the opening part of Ultra Relax (2nd Kodomo no Omocha OP) but my mobile phone is always set to Silent so I've never heard it.

Don't like being interrupted so don't like hearing/feeling my phone ring...:)

Ringtone - Fire Above the Battle - Nobou Uematsu [The battle theme from Lost Odyssey]

Message tone - Attack of the 60ft Lesbian Octopus - Does it Offend You, Yeah?
Megadeth - Five Magics

Ringtone - The one Hibari Kyoya has in Hitman Reborn! The Namimori school anthem. I change it often though,before it was Phoenix Wright's ringtone which is the Steel Samurai theme tune.

Message - FF7 victory fanfare
I don't own a mobile so no ring tone.

If I did have one I would probably have Sex Toy by Seraphim Shock right about where the woman's voice says "Get on you knees you slut". I would just have to do it if I got a works phone so I could see eveyones faces.
Haven't a clue. I don't use my phone much and even when I do it's on silent. But it's probably Nokia default or something **** like that...
Ring tone- the Lucky Star opening.

I don't know much about phones, so that's it. I did have caramelldansen, but it took me five months to figure out how to turn down ring tone volume, so I kept getting scared when caramelldansen started :oops:
Ringtone: Liquid Lives H! Rehub - Hadouken!

but thats gunna change when i get a chance.
feel like: Alvarez - Funeral for a friend OR You Me at six - if i were in your shoes, OR Fort Minor - Cigarettes

Rock/Rap/Scene, S'all good