what movies are you most lookin forward too

I'm normally extremely reactive when it comes to new movies, IE they're already available for rent before I know they exist, however there are a couple I've had my eye on for a few months:

Silent Hill
Flushed Away.

There are two others which are both on shaky ground (probably not getting produced, last time I checked them), the live version of The Last Unicorn and the remake of George Romero's The Crazies.
Looking forward to Jet Li's next (and possibly last) film 'Fearless'. Meant to be out on the 23rd of June but I doubt it will get a wide release in the UK so I'll have to wait for the dvd. I want there to be more fresh and origional films coming out and not just remakes of old films, one is alright but its everyother film nowadays.
I'm also looking forward to Fearless, I think it's meant to his last martial arts pic rather than last ever film.

I've been looking forward to A Scanner Darkly since I heard about it over a year ago, that one's been delayed a lot.

Pirates 2 I'll see, and Fruit Chan's 'Dumplings' is on at the ICA from Friday, I want to see that.
i also want to see fearless, i like jet li's martial art films, they have been quite good a lot, and the fact that this is meant to be his last one then i will go see it.
On two i'm really looking forward to seeing is Ghost rider and Pirates of the carrabien 2.
I'm still planning to go see Omen and Curious George XD
I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest back on saturday, and it was good..will need to wait to see the third when it comes out next year-ish..er..not sure what else apart from fearless i wouldn't mind seeing now
Well, I'm looking forward to the DVD releases of Fearless and Warrior King (though in Plymouth they have a multiplex cinema they think showing 'Just My Luck' warrants having more than one screen showing it).

Also looking forward to the Hong Kong Legends release of A Better Tomorrow II (Optimum's 'Ultimate Edition' release of the first film has whetted my appetite, so to speak). :)
A Scanner Darkly isn't out until the 18th so I'll probably check out the new Superman film. The reviewsI've heard are mixed but overall quite good.