What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

They were actually impulse buys, as someone here in Denmark was selling them secondhand. I haven’t even seen trailers or anything, currently working my way through the first Gamera box :D

I've seen bits of Daimajin before, but none of Yokai Monsters. Juts wanted to support these releases from Arrow.

I'm not a big kaiju fan, especially the older ones as i just cant take them seriously ha, so have so far avoided Godzilla, Mothra and Gamera sets, though I know at some point i'll be weak!
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I have no idea what I'm gonna do with this tbh, may keep it, may sell it, but it's here and it's very pretty (albeit far too big...).

It's only about an inch larger in each dimension than the Ghost in the Shell Deluxe box set, right? It should fit nicely between my copy of GitS and the JP Garden of Sinners Limited Edition big box set on my bookshelf unit - They are all of a similar size. I have the Fullmetal Alchemist Resin Gate UE set sitting on that same shelf as well.
It's a big boy.

I received two JP imports today from Amazon.co.jp. I did the usual Newtype magazine trick for safer plank-in-the-box packing, but instead they shipped them all inside a cardboard ravioli pack. Grr! Fortunately, no dings at all on either of the box sets, so both still arrived in pristine condition.

RWBY Volume 8 First Press Limited Edition Blu-ray
Radwimps: Your Name Orchestra Concert Blu-ray



Excerpt from Your Name Orchestral Concert Blu-ray
(SPOILERS if you have yet to see the movie for some bizarre reason!):

I'm now caught up with all 8 Volumes of the First Press Limited Edition RWBY sets from Japan:

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Initially I dropped Index III as it was all over the place regarding (re-)introducing characters. But when I rewatched the first two seasons of Index and then the third season right after, it made much more sense. Guess it was to long ago I watched the earlier seasons ... or I’m just getting old ;)
I never cared for Index or Railgun, I got the Blu-rays for the first seasons of both years ago on a blind buy, watched a few episodes, and ended up selling them off right away. Did the same thing with Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer, So I can't Play H, Haganai, and Maken Ki!, all within a single month... I don't do nearly as many blind buys anymore after having to dump so many titles at once, lol. I didn't have any access to streaming back then; now I do, so I can preview series much more readily.
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