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I don't think that the main problem with the image is it's size, but how clear it it. I'm not sure but if you have 200 of an product, couldn't you open up one of them and then take a clearer photo of it? I know this is not possible if you have a one off or something, but if you could it would make the item look less fuzzy.
But it would also be nice to have an enlarge feature if the pc was clear enough ;)

Other than that the site look neat :)


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yeah I know, baaaad lighting!

the pics etc are just temp, I plan on shooting some stupidly detailed shots

just trying to get everything sorted before I process all of the images.

cheers for the feedback

Chibi Yosho

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I think the image sizes are good, it would be a good idea to have a click to enlarge option though so people can see it in more detail and what not.

please ignore the hideous site gfx and colours
I like them... Looks good. I'm assuming that you've already changed them from when you wrote this?


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Yes i think it's all ok, i like that kind of shop layout. I think another enlarge option would be good, and the picture right at the top of the page


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yeah i thought it would, was hoping people would say no to save me some work, hehe

I supose a nice hi res would be good, I mean people like to see their goods!


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I finally got around to getting my digicam from my parents, since I got back from travelling it's just sat in the wardrobe.

Nikon 8800 8mp 10x optical zoom thing! I got it in singapore last year and have no idea how it works!


this is the quality -->
http://www.animetoshi.co.uk/gfx/hires.jpg <-- , resized from a stupidly huge original!