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Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by Invisible Crane, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Invisible Crane

    Invisible Crane School Idol

    Who here watches this show (it's on Netflix btw). For those who don't know it's a french animated series that got a kickstarter funded english dub about a year ago and honestly I love this show (and with Steven Universe on hiatus it's something to tide me over til that comes back). So who here watches it
  2. britguy

    britguy Combat Butler

    I backed the kickstarter and have the blu ray set with all the episodes and specials but not got round to watching it yet. Will do soon though :)
  3. Invisible Crane

    Invisible Crane School Idol

    Wait a sec, they put it out on BD!?!
  4. britguy

    britguy Combat Butler

    Yup but I think it was only via kickstarter.

    Edit - just checking my set. Season 1 - 26 episodes plus a bonus episode plus 27 "mini wakfu" specials, season 2 - 26 episodes, then another special and then a final three part special funded by the kickstarter.
  5. Professor Irony

    Professor Irony Za Warudo

    Paging Conan to the thread.

    I've only seen a little bit of Wakfu, but I thought it was quite decent. I'd watch it if I had Netflix.
  6. Invisible Crane

    Invisible Crane School Idol

    Just finished the special episodes. Bring on season 3! (which I know was announced early this year)