Vita game preorder problem (Amazon)


Thousand Master
Thought I'd better warn folks about preordering vita games early from as they can end up in limbo.

I've just checked to see if my copy of Sword Art Online:Lost Song preordered from them back in August had been dispatched but Amazon has created a more recent, duplicate entry for it with a different ID so the original entry ends up permanently in limbo and never fulfilled. The other outstanding preorder I had was The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel which also had the same issue as there's another amazon entry for it and so it was also stuck in limbo.

I've seen this with other vita games on amazon in the past and the rep I spoke to didn't get the issue because they have separate id's so in their mind they're separate products (one seems to be a provisional release prior to certification, possibly with the US id but amazon don't sell imports directly.)

I've not seen this issue with any other types of preorder so it might just be a Vita specific thing but I won't be preordering any games off of them again just in case.