Overseas US: Sentai Premium box sets


Pokémon Master
Added the May and June releases

  • Ahiru no Sora (Premium Edition)
  • Assassins Pride (Steelbook) original planned for April

Also update Made In Abyss: Theatrical Collection as that moved from the March release window to May 25th, and GATE where the re-release of May 4th has been added.

Link to the Google Spreadsheet

Girls with Guns

My copy of the Made in Abyss Movie Trilogy Steelbook shipped yesterday from Deep Discount. I had pre-ordered it there back in February because it was much cheaper than at Sentai or Rightstuf. Just pre-ordered the RahXephon Steelbook from DD today as well.


Honestly, for me collecting big fancy boxsets isn't very appealing since I'm primarily interested in content but I do have a few fancy boxsets-but to each their own.


Pokémon Master
Updated the Sentai spreadsheet to add six special releases, among them five steelbook and one 'real' Limited Edition.

  • Food Wars! The Fourth Plate
  • Goblin Slayer: Season One (Steelbook)
  • High School of the Dead (Steelbook)
  • NANA: Complete Collection (Steelbook)
  • Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time (Steelbook)
  • Princess Tutu (Steelbook)

Link to the Google Spreadsheet