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Sarazanmai volume 1 jp coming in 3 days:

Extras: 32p booklet, 4p manga from the original character designer/manga adaption artist, storyboard of episode 1, audio commentary, non-credit OP/ED and some ticket for some event in October.
And episode 1.

The event ticket is pretty worhtless outside of japan, I guess, but the extras sound decent enough. Especially the
storyboard does catch my eye to say the least. While it doesn't come as a surprise that it's a 11episode series on a 6 volume release (Zankyou no Terror was the same), I was hoping though they would shove the 1 episode release onto the last (weakest) episode, as was the case with ZnT (from which I ended up getting just volume 1 jp with the storyboard as AL's UE contained pretty much any of the other booklet extra content.)

Seems also like volume 2-6 will come along with two character songs and an "unreleased tracks soundtrack". Going by the listing for volume 2 that's quite a number of tracks. And there I was wondering where the hell a release date of an OST II was waiting for. So that means then, I'll have to wait until november until I get the episode 10 leak track and the Sarazanmai no Uta x Kawauso-iya track from the last episode with no sfx and dialogues? ._.
(Also doesn't look like the already OST itself is being spread over the volumes, so screw consistency, if someone wanted the complete OST in a shelf next to each other, huh?)